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I’m Not There

Do you ever read our posts or talk to someone and think, I am NOT feeling it or I am NOT there?  I have moMenTs like that. Someone may share with me their weight loss journey or new cleaning routine, and in my mind I’m thinking how exercise and cleaning are the last things on my mind right now!

We all need time to shut off our mind now and then.  Often times the bEsT mEdiciNe is taking a break from it all!  Can I hear an “Amen!”?  There are days I need silence.  No to-do lists, no challenges, and no radio or phones ringing in the background.  I just need to escape.

Your escape may be as short as an afternoon, or in certain areas of your life, it may be for months or years.  The good thing about being surrounded by people/things that inspire you is that they are there when you are ready to tackle the world again.  We can’t escape forever, but after we catch our breath, the resources for a pOsiTive outlook on life will be there to greet us when we are ready.  Better yet, these resources may be a pleasant surprise and assist you in an area of your life when you least expect!

So if you are currently on a getaway, know that you are weLcoMe on our sofa anytime.  We are happy to have someone to share our thoughts with and completely understand if you aren’t quite there yet :)



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