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What Was Your Highlight Of 2011?


Lara & Robynn:  For both of us the highlight of 2011 was, by far, sTarTing tHis bLog.  We started this blog in effort to help people and the feedback we have received has been far more than we could have ever dreamed.  And although our intention was to help others, we have grown and learned so much just by sharing our journey with you.  Many thanks to our readers for assuring us that we aren’t totally cRazy :)

Robyn:  For me, the highlight of 2011 was opening up my Etsy shop, RoByN’s NeSt.  Through the Etsy community and  Robyn’s Nest facebook page, I have met so many amazing people and friends who I would never have had the opportunity to meet.  As many of you know…Etsy is what led me to Lara and in turn opened up the opportunity to write on this AmAziNg BloG with both her and Robynn!  What a year it has been!

What will you remember as the highlight of YoUr 2011?

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Over the weekend I spoke with a relative who gave me the iDeA to share the “less is more” concept when brainstorming your live-it list.  Her new year’s resolution for 2011 was to take at least one photo every, single day. Her Goal was not necessarily to be artsy and super creative, but to simply keep track of the year, one day at a time.  Some of her posts were short and others were long, as she never committed to writing a certain amount, which may have discouraged her to continue.  The most important thing was to come up with 1 picture to signify every day that year.

I especially like that she said being forced to take a daily picture helped her to “loOk uP” in life vs. always looking down.  Isn’t that cool?!   That is so true, and after talking to her, I could see how much this goal had really opened her eyes to things in the world that she normally may have ignored!

We may think we have to come up with such aMaziNg and out-of-this-world things to put on our live-it list, when in fact it is the basic, everyday things that often eNrich our lives the most.  In what ways can you simplify some of the items on your list?  Maybe you want to “enjoy life more” or “have more quality family time”.  In order to achieve those things you don’t need to take expensive trips, spend money, or do something extreme.  How can you sImpLify those items using the resources you have and make it a convenient way to incorporate it in your daily routine?  Remember, less is more…so go down every item on your list and ask yourself, ‘how can I simplify this to make it more attainable’?  You might be surprised at the new items you come up with!

If you have any ideas, please share by commenting below.  We have many people working on their lists this week.  Help encourage others by sharing your thoughts!



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