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Birthday Girl

Last summer for my daughter Abby’s 1st birthday I bought a silver ChArM bRaCeLeT to give to her.  My husband and I planned a LaDyBuG themed backyard birthday party to celebrate her first year and invited all of our family and friends.  Since the ladybug theme seemed to be taking over our home in the form of BaLLoOnS, plates, cakes, CuPcAkEs, dresses, and hairclips I decided it would be fitting to find a LaDyBuG cHaRm to put on the bracelet as a reminder of her very 1st BiRtHdAy. 

And so aTrAdiTioN wAs BoRn…

Along with the ladybug charm, I wrote a ShOrT nOtE to Abby saying that for her first birthday she received a silver charm bracelet with a ladybug charm on it to SyMbOliZe her first year.  In this note I explained that every year on her birthday, she will receive a new charm for her bracelet with a special note to go with it, and when she is 13 she can keep and wear the bracelet as a reminder of the years leading up to her becoming a TeEnAgEr. 

This year I picked out a teddy bear charm for Abby’s 2nd birthday.  She has been carrying around a little TeDdY bEaR with her since last fall that she doesn’t let out of her sight.  It was the first thing I thought of when it came time to select this year’s charm!  I am looking forward to all of the possibilities for my DaUgHtEr’S fUtUrE and can’t wait to fill up her bracelet and finally give it to her with all of my letters when she is truly old enough to ApPrEcIaTe it.

Guest Writer Robyn, from New Jersey


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