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Back to Reality

Last week I tagged along with Doug as he had a conference on the Big Island of Hawaii! We had a really great time! The hardest thing about coming back from a trip like that (or a spiritual weekend retreat) is that you immediately are faced with REALITY. It is so easy to have all of these wonderful plans, thoughts and ideas of how you want things to be when you return and the BAM you are faced with sick kids, bills, work, etc.

Doug and I discussed this dilemma. During our vacation we read a couple of books that imPacTed our lives greatly. We knew that coming back would be hard because it is much easier to have your priorities in order when relaxing on vacation. Living a week without a time schedule and work makes life so siMple….but unfortunately that is not reality!

So what do I do? My best advice is to suRroUnd yourself with people who support your new way of thinking. If you can’t find support right away then jot down your ideas on paper to serve as reminders. Place those thoughts on a bulletin board or in areas of the house that you will stumble across during the day to help hold you aCcouNtable. Realistically, even those ideas will only last temporarily and the realness of your day-to-day routine will try to take over. This will be an ongoing process, but no reason to give up entirely. Continue to search for ways to keep you on track and, if all else fails, schedule another getaway (like a day without kids or distractions) in the next 6 months that will allow you to regroup your thoughts!



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{Peace With Food – Numero Uno}

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There’s a verse in the Bible I love that says, “WiSdOm is SuPreMe; therefore get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have get understanding.”  Proverbs 4:7 (NIV)

I personally believe the first step to peace with food is getting wisdom.  Obviously if this area of “peace with food” (whether that is eating too much, not enough, or binging and purging) is something that is challenging for you, you don’t have all the InForMatiOn you need or else you’re just not “there” yet.  There are times when we know we need to make changes, but for whatever reason aren’t ready or just don’t want to badly enough.  Sometimes we enjoy our misery.  For a while, that is.  But chances are you do want it BadLy enough.  Chances are you have tried numerous times and failed and you’re frustrated, discouraged, disillusioned, and feel hopeless which is exactly why you need wisdom.  You need to know what to do with your unique set of circumstances.

Wisdom is what can guide you in your JouRnEy.  Wisdom comes from many sources.  I do my best to remember (because it is easy to forget) to go to the author of wisdom first for help, God Himself, but hey God uses lots of things including people and circumstances.  So make sure you ask Him WHO and/or WHAT He may want to use to help you.  Maybe it will be a SuPpOrT group.  Maybe your situation is more severe and you need help from a professional counselor.  Maybe it will be a book or InSpiRing movie, song, quote, or video.  Maybe it’s an organization such as Weight Watchers that can help guide you in making good eating choices.  Maybe it’s your physician or a website that can give you the information you need to start a SeNsibLe exercise program.  Or maybe it will be a good friend who can encourage you and hold you AcCouNtabLe.

The old adage goes, “Wisdom is PoWeR.”  So before you plunge in headfirst, take some time to get the wisdom you need to get a “Smart Start”.  It will save precious time and help you hit the ground running!



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