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You Have 2 Choices

Do you have a desire to try something new or achieve a lifelong dream but can’t muster up enough CouRage to give it a try? At the beginning of the movie “The Mighty Macs” the woman asks two questions that I will never forget:

Could I deal with rejection and temporary pain


Should I suffer a life filled with regret because I was afraid to take the risk?


I can think of numerous times that I tried to talk myself out of trying something new because I feared negative feedback, failure or embarrassment. I have learned that these brief moments of feeling uncomfortable are well worth the satisfaction and confidence you experience by working toward something you LOVE.

I have been running my Letter Block Shop business for almost 4 years now. I can honestly say that majority of the days I LOVE what I do and get excited to watch how much it has grown. It is only a handful of days per year that I actually experience the “not fun/uncomfortable” stuff.  Wouldn’t you say it is well worth it?  The good days definitely outweigh the bad!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t live a life filled with regret! Take the risk and start Living-It today!


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One Day at a Time

It is easy to start the year with a lot of aMbiTion (especially when you make your mile-long year “to-do’s” while being snuggled on your couch in your pajamas).  You may have found that you woke up this week excited to start the year, but 2 hours later thought, “Ugh!  How am I ever going to accOmpLish this stuff? I can’t do all of this!”

Some of my live-it list goals include doing a better job picking up after myself & spending more snuggle time with my husband in the evenings.  By noon yesterday, I was quickly reMinDed that every day would present its own curve balls, causing these goals to be more difficult to achieve.  I know there will be evenings that Doug is gone for work or days that the kids need before I finish picking up, BUT chipping away at it will be better than waiting to try again next January.

Just like anything in life, we need to take one day at a time and do the best with what each day offers.  I will still try to iMproVe in these areas, but if the day doesn’t turn out how I had hoped, there is no reason to give up for good.

If you are already feeling overwhelmed at accomplishing the goals on your list, take a step back and make reaListic expectations for yourself.  All of your goals may not happen by the end of 2012, but you will accomplish more (and feel better too!) versus having done nothing at all.

Good luck!


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Vision Board-The Challenge (Wk 9)

To assist in making your dreams a reality, you must have a clear vision of what you want.  An easy and InSpiRinG way to document your goals is by creating a vision board.  Your vision board can include pictures, words, quotes or anything that depicts what you want to accomplish.  Do you want to improve your confidence? Hang a picture of a confident woman that you admire.  Want to be your own boss?  Display the words “SELF-EMPLOYEED“.

I recently made a VISION board for our entire family.  I actually used a picture that was hanging on the wall, took out the glass, flipped the backing to the front, and covered it with fabric!  It only took about 30 minutes and didn’t cost a penny!  Since our board hangs in a high-traffic area, we are reminded of our goals several times a day.  This helps us stay FOCUSED and motivated.  If my daughter sees something she wants in a magazine, we hang it on the board.  If we want to take a vacation, we post pictures of where we want to go.  Vision boards can be really fun!  Be creative!  You’ll be amazed at the number of things you’ll AccomplisH, all because you see it every day!!

Happy Dreaming!


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