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Strong-Willed Child – The Challenge (Wk 14)

Do you have one?  A StRoNg-WiLLeD ChiLd, that is.  I actually have two, but my youngest is the one with the strongest will.  You better believe that she can throw a full-fledged fit and scream at the top of her lungs for hours on end.  Literally.  I wonder how I ended up with not one, but two of these precious little darlings.  After all, I was the compliant child and what you sow you reap, right?

My response to this mayhem?  I refuse to be manhandled by a 3-year old.  So, BriNg iT DaRLiN’ because If wE tAnGo I promise you, I will always win.   I do tell her that frequently.  We even rehearse this dialog often:

MOM:  “Who is in charge?”

CHILD:  “You are.”

MOM:  “So, that means that who is NOT in charge?”

CHILD:  “We (her and her sister) are not in charge.”

Besides my children, there is another strong-willed child I have to deal with almost every day –  a.k.a. ME!!  It’s that undisciplined part of me that only wants convenience and comfort.  It willingly cooperates, but only if it doesn’t involve sacrifice and hardship of any kind.

This strong-willed child is my public enemy number one.  It is 99% of my problems.  It’s what stands between me and my goals.  It refuses to cooperate with my plans, wants its own way, and will throw a fit if it doesn’t get it.

How do I handle this strong-willed child?  The same way I handle my strong-willed 3-year old.  Sheer determination to be the LaSt oNe StAnDiNg.   Feelings, comfort, and convenience will have to take backseat, because I will win this one.  I promise.


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Biggest Bang For Your Buck – Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are really popular these days and it seems like the going rate for these chairs is around $250 a piece.  I really wanted to get two white chairs, but didn’t want to pay $500 so I began looking around.   Here’s what I found:

These nice wood chairs were $99 from Home Decorators.  Their website is www.homedecorators.com      They were a cinch to put together.

If you don’t mind doing a little painting, these wood chairs from Home Depot are a steal for $29.88.  You can find them at www.homedepot.com

I was looking for a couple of chairs for a tree grove in front of my house and these plastic Adirondack chairs from Walmart were perfect.  The white and red chairs were $15 and the blue chair was $14.

Enjoy the view!


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