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What Was Your Highlight Of 2011?


Lara & Robynn:  For both of us the highlight of 2011 was, by far, sTarTing tHis bLog.  We started this blog in effort to help people and the feedback we have received has been far more than we could have ever dreamed.  And although our intention was to help others, we have grown and learned so much just by sharing our journey with you.  Many thanks to our readers for assuring us that we aren’t totally cRazy :)

Robyn:  For me, the highlight of 2011 was opening up my Etsy shop, RoByN’s NeSt.  Through the Etsy community and  Robyn’s Nest facebook page, I have met so many amazing people and friends who I would never have had the opportunity to meet.  As many of you know…Etsy is what led me to Lara and in turn opened up the opportunity to write on this AmAziNg BloG with both her and Robynn!  What a year it has been!

What will you remember as the highlight of YoUr 2011?

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Biggest Bang For Your Buck {Take Stock}

From time to time its good for us to TaKe StOcK of our life.  Where we’ve been and where we’re going.  What has worked and what has failed.  What stays and what goes.

I find the end of the year is a good time for this.  January one is synonymous with new BegiNniNgs.  And here is the question I am pondering:

What OnE HaBiT (if I had it) would give the “biggest bang for the buck”?

Would that one habit be self-control/discipline, faithfulness, truthfulness, love, patience, kindness, diligence, perseverance, humility, better communication skills, or loyalty?

Chances are we all have that “oNe HaBiT” that (if we possessed it) would change the course of our life.   If you have trouble coming up with an answer ask yourself where you have the most conflict in your life.  It’s most likely in that area you could use some help.  Maybe its money problems; relationship problems; low self-esteem issues; or problems in your thought life, personal life or spiritual life.

As 2011 comes to a close, take some time to take stock of your life.  Are you headed down a path that will ultimately take you to your desired destination?  It’s well worth the InTroSpeCtiOn.

What’s your “One Habit”?



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