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I Am Living It by…Lingering Longer

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I AM…Hero of the Week

Last week was a time for family gatherings, good food, and being tHankFul for all the good things in our lives.  Well, I’m thankful in a specific way for my sister-in-law’s husband Shawn.

Shawn is a lineman so he’s use to risking his life on extended storm breaks.  He has to work through some of the most adverse weather conditions so we all can have electricity back on as soon as possible.  This is a very tough job and dangerous job at times so Shawn is a hero in his own right.

Well last weekend Shawn was a HERO for a different reason.  He saved my son’s life.  Do you remember my post last week where I said my son choked on a grape?  Well, he did it again but only this time with a steel marble he (for whatever reason!!!) stuck in his mouth.  Fortunately (we attribute it to Divine intervention), Shawn was downstairs with the kids when it happened.  He noticed Garrett choking and rushed him upstairs.  I tried the Heimlich maneuver again this time and after the first couple times couldn’t get it.  Shawn was already on his knees, reached out and grabbed Garrett, and after several attempts, the steel marble dropped on the floor and tragedy was averted.

Our evening went on after a little decompression time and we had fun with my husband’s family.  The gravity of the situation didn’t really hit us until the 2 hour drive home that night.  We couldn’t stop thinking about it.  What if Shawn wasn’t downstairs, would we have made it to the hospital in time, what if???

We thought instead of highlighting another “Woman of the Week”, it was only fitting to highlight Shawn this week as “Hero of the Week”.  We will fOreVer be grateful for him being in the right spot at the right time and saving our son’s life.  Thank you Shawn!



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JaNiCe, mother of four always loved to bake. She was constantly baking cakes & cookies, as well as other goodies.   In fact, her SuGaR CoOkiEs were so popular that people had standing orders for these delicious treats.   It wasn’t uncommon for Janice and her crew to make 100 dozen cookies on the holidays.   The whole FaMiLy assisted in the project in assembly-line fashion.  Even DaD helped frost the cookies.

While Janice was the one who loved to bake, daughter, LiSa, was the one with an entrepreneurial bent. She worked in the restaurant industry and had a DeSiRe to have her own restaurant where she could call the shots. When a storefront on Main Street with a kitchen came available, she talked her mom and sister GaiL into taking the plunge. The three opened up DoWnToWn SwEetS aNd SaNdWiCh ShOp.  From time to time when sister HeiDi, an O.R. nurse, isn’t working you may see her helping out.  And brother ClaY, well, his role is taste tester!

Downtown Sweets and Sandwich Shop sells homemade goodies such as cakes, cookies and CuPCaKeS, and they also serve lunch. Their hours are: 11:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. Monday – Friday.  You can also check them out on Facebook.



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ImAgIne sitting down for an interview with Osa Johnson when she was alive.  Well, that’s exactly what the Suede Sofa did.  We asked SaFaRi MuSeUm CuRaToR JacKie BorGeSoN if she could find quotes from Osa on a couple of questions regarding this InCrEdibLe WoMaN from Chanute, Kansas, LiViNg HeR DrEaM.  The answers were amazing, as if we actually did interview Osa (they are actual quotes of Osa’s).  We hope you are InSpIrEd to “LiVe ThE AdVeNtUrE” of the life you were DeStiNeD to live!
The first is sometimes attributed to Martin, but Osa uses it in her book Four Years in Paradise.  The second comes from the speech Osa gave late in her life. 
The following video is a mini tour of the Safari Museum located in Chanute, KS.  Curator Jackie Borgeson takes us on a quick tour providing fascinating information about the life of Osa and Martin Johnson.  Enjoy!!

Check out our post on Safari Museum Curator Jackie Borgeson by clicking here.


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I AM…a Nursing Instructor

•For more “I Am…” stories, click here!

•Do you or someone you know have a story that could inspire other women?  We would LOVE to feature you!  Email us at

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We Are…Weight Watcher Consultants

~ – ~

Currently we hold two Weight Watcher meetings at Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center on Mondays.

Times: Weigh-in 11am, meeting 11:30am
Weigh-in 5pm, meeting 5:30pm

Informational meetings will be held on Oct. 31 at 11:30am and 5:30pm to discuss new and upcoming changes that will benefit current and new Weight Watcher members! First time visitors may sit in on their first meeting for FREE!

For more information you can contact Karen at or at 432-8119.


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