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DIY Door Headboard

Remember this fall when I did a bedroom makover in one afternoon?  See my blog post BEDROOM MAKEOVER.  Well, my husband and I finally got around to making the door an official headboard.  Check out how we did it!

First, I took off the hardware & Doug cut one end of the door off to make each side the same length.

Then we measured the 1x4 that will be used for the top of the headboard. This will be the LAST piece that we add because it will hide the brackets that help secure the headboard to the wall.

We added this simple trim on the face & sides of the door. The angles weren't too hard to cut. Pretty easy with the help of a miter saw!

To secure the bottom of theheadboard, we took a 2x3 and drilled it into the wall. We sat the door on top of the 2x3 & screwed them together. For the top, we attached these brackets to the back of the door and then screwed the top of the bracket into the wall.

To finish, we nailed the 1x4 to the very top, that way it covers up the brackets we just screwed into the wall!!

I forgot to take a picture of how I distressed the headboard. I painted the entire door white and then took a dark brown paint and went around all of the corners with a small brush. At times, I painted in random spots and then wiped it off with a paper towel to give it a worn, smudged look! No sanding involved to get it to look this way! Can't beat it!

My bedroom is complete! YaY!!

Big thanks to “my man” for helping me complete this project!



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Re-frame It

This past weekend I decided the frames on the shelf in my living room needed a make-over.  Not only did none of them match, but they really weren’t showing off the pictures of my kids and niece like I wanted them too.  Instead of going out and buying new frames I looked through my house for frames I wasn’t using and painted them three different colors to match the decor in the room.  I then sanded off some of the paint to give them an “older” look and then sprayed them with a lacquer.

Before mix and "not" match frames

Frames found around my house

New look!

Close up on my "new" frames!

I am so HaPpY with the finished result!

I bet you have tons of stuff just waiting to be re-done in your home…be creative and HaVe FuN!


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Lara’s Christmas DIY Projects

I wanted a ChEaP and EaSy way to decorate my back porch for the holidays.  Here is what it normally looks like!

I trimmed up our cedar trees for some FREE decor and added some extra ribbon I had around the house.  The chair and white table were found in my basement and I used some leftover stencils to paint the numbers on the door.  What do think of the traNsformAtion?


A few years ago I decided I didn’t like the look of the back of my upper cabinets. 

So…I bought Rustoleum Magnetic Paint and Chalkboard Paint.  I applied the magnetic paint with a brush first,  let it dry, and then applied the chalkboard paint.  Now it is a place to hang pics and cards as well as write messages to our family!

And for the holidays, it can really add CoLoR to the room by simply using different colored chalk!  I will need to clear some more space as we recently received much more Christmas mail to display!


Need an ineXpenSive way to wrap a gift or gift card?  Check this out!!

Clean out an old soup can and hammer holes in the top…

Use decorative paper to wrap around the can.  Secure with tape.  Hammer two holes on opposite ends of the top of the can…

Use jute rope, string, ribbon, or whatever you pRefeR to secure the top of the can.  I also spray painted some of the tops of the cans white (if you want to hide the aluminum)!  There are so many different ways to make these cans, so have fUn with it!

Merry Christmas!



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DIY Ladder Shelf

I made a shelf a couple of years ago and LoVe how it turned out.  Recently, my sister wanted one so I was able to take some pictures this time to share the steps with you!  Thanks Sis, for asking me, so I could document this for a post :)

I bought (2) 1x4x8 pieces of pine and got to wOrk cutting them to the sizes I wanted.

(2) 4 foot 1x4 pieces, and (3) 1 foot 1/4 pieces

 You can make the shelf as tall and wide as you’d like, but I made this one 4-feet long and the “rungs” 1-foot tall (for easy measuring!)

After they were cut, I laid it out to see what it would look like.

Then off to making it look pReTTy!  Used some dark walnut stain I had on hand.  This stain has been used for SO MANY projects!

Time to assemble!

I had “my man” help me nail the shelf together.  We laid the long pieces side-by-side and then marked where the “rungs” would go.  Then I used 2 brad nails to sEcuRe the top and bottom of every piece.  Very easy if you can get someone to help you with this step, and the exposed nails add to the character!

Added some hardware to the back so it would be ready for my sister to hang!

This is a picture of my shelf that I made a couple years ago.  This one is longer than the one I made above for my sister.  Custom make it to fit your needs, just make sure you buy enough 1×4’s!  This is easily something you could do in an afternoon and it’s super eaSy and inexPensiVe!  You could even have the pieces cut to size at your hardware store if you don’t have access to a miter saw!

P.S. Here is a mini-ladder shelf I made with some left over wood from my pRojeCt.  I added some hooks and we use it to hang our keys in the mudroom!



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Bedroom Makeover

Last Thursday at about 10 a.m. I walked through our master bedroom and decided I was tired of it looking like an afterthought.  I didn’t want to spend much money and wanted a new look.  I gave Robynn a call, and she picked up a couple cans of antique white spraypaint, a package of dropcloths and brought some leftover paint from one of her recent projects.  We also gathered a handful of things from our basements that we weren’t using and incorporated that as some new decor pieces.  By 6:00 that evening I had a new bedroom!!



Notice the new dresser!  Don’t you love it?  Robynn had that light green paint and I gave it a distressed look with some leftover brown paint I had.  Spray painted the hardware, and ta-da!  And check out the curtains. Those were made out of drop cloths (yes the stuff that painters throw on the floor).  We cut it down the middle seam and then hung them.  No sewing…how EaSy was that!?

Close-up of dresser, BEFORE!


Another view…BEFORE


I had an old door in our shop and decided we needed a headboard.  And notice all the picture frames, shelves and end tables…spray painted those antique white!  It lightened up the room without having to repaint the walls.  Woohoo!

Having a fun master bedroom has been something on my “liVe-it liSt” and how great it was to accomplish this in a day, by utilizing the resources I had.  Big thanks to Robynn and her daughter for coming out for a couple hours to help.  I’ve been sMiLing in my dreams ever since!

{By the way…because I am a perfectionist I had put off working on this room ever since we moved in (4 years ago!).  Last week I decided that if I kept waiting for the perfect moment and perfect decor strategy…well, let’s be honest…it probably would have never happened.  Sometimes you just have to GO WITH IT!  I can always change something in this room later (like make the headboard an official piece by adding some more wood trim, repaint the walls, etc) but for now I can enjoy a new look.  I may not have picked the green dresser paint had I thought this room out in more depth, but it was FREE paint, and much to my surprise my husband thought it was “cool” ;) Sometimes the things we do on a whim turn out to be something we love the most! }



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I found this ChAiR left out for garbage on the side of the road and decided to refinish it into a FloWeR PoT HoLdEr.  When I found the chair it had a brown stain.  I spray painted it with a DaRk rEd color to match my house and then got to work.

I drew a CiRcLe in the middle of the chair that would be big enough to fit my flower pot without it falling through the hole.

My HuSbAnD (and sOn) drilled a hole through the wood and then used a saw to cut the circle out for my flower pot.

Now that my hole was finished it was time to make sure the FloWeR pOt would fit.


For only the CoSt of PaiNt…I now have an AdOrAbLe addition to the front of my house that I can use season after SeAsOn!

~Guest Writer Robyn, From New Jersey

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Table Transformation

Check out this old, beat-up table I got for FREE!  Gave it a little TLC and see how it was TransFormed!

Needed to give the base some chunky legs…so I took some scraps from a 2×4, cut them, screwed them together, and made them fit at the bottom.

Used a couple cans of black spraypaint, sanded down random areas/corners of the table, and finally gave it a finished look using a glossy varnish.

And this is how it turned out!




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Paint Your Countertops/Kitchen Makeover

When we MoVed back to Kansas a few years ago, the counters in my new kitchen were not very pretty.  They were off-white with light pink and light blue stripes!  EeKk!  I didn’t want to buy new countertops, and after doing some research I disCovEred that you can paint them (this was before Rustoleum started making their own DIY countertop kits!)  I don’t have a before picture, but here is a couple AFTER pics!

Up CLoSe!

A good friend saw them and wanted me to give her kitchen a new look.  Here is a BEFORE picture!

And AFTER….drumroll….!!!

As you can see, I painted the countertops, we painted the walls, touched up the cabinets and spray painted the existing hardware!  We were able to transform this kitchen for $150!  For instructions on how I painted these countertops CLICK HERE.

Doesn’t this get you ExciTed to tackle a room in your home?  Paint can go such a long way!

Happy Transforming!


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Wedding Guest Book Idea

Earlier this year I had an engaged couple wanting to use blocks as a NeW and FuN way to have people sign their wedding guest book!  It was going to be a small wedding, so they decided to use blocks for the guests to sign.  The best thing about this IdEA was that they are able to decorate their home with these blocks and cHeriSh them for a lifetime!


See more block options by visiting my website at




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Flooded Basement Makeover

A year ago our basement flooded due to me forgetting to turn the electricity back on after trying to install a new light fixture and running to town to get a new part :(  Of course it just happened to be raining that day, and I came home to over 6″ of water!

I wanted to come up with a cHeaP way to make our basement a more functional and inviting living space, but something that would make another flood less devistating.  I was able to transform the space on a budget with the help of these items:

– 10 tan colored king-sized sheets from Wal-Mart ($14 each)

-Binder clips and Binder Rings

-1 roll of thick wire from Lowe’s

-A couple sheets of drywall and putty

-1×12″ pine boards for the trim

-Staple Gun w/ Staples

-1 Can of spraypaint that I already had

-Paint, which I already had

Before Pic 1 

After Pic 1

As you can see, I hung sheets for the “walls” so if it floods again I can pull off the sheets and take them outside to dry (or wash them!)

Before Pic 2 

After Pic 2  

We used 1×12″ pine for the trim at the bottom of the walls with sheetrock.  This way, if it floods again, hopefully it will be less than 12″ and won’t ruin the sheetrock!

My Quick & Easy Trick

See these binder rings and clips? I spray painted these a dark brown and used these to hang my sheets!

Hanging the drywall and sanding/painting the wall was probably the hardest part.  If all you had to do is hang the sheets, you could traNsForm a room within an afternoon!


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