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Day 5 – Advent Calendar

Advent Day #5 – Relive a tradition with your kids (if you have any) that you did when you were a kid OR start a new Christmas tradition that brings happiness and joy.

{You may choose to simplify the process big-time and do something as easy as  pick one person a day from now ’til Christmas and pray for them.  It doesn’t need to be time-consuming, stressful, or cost you anything.  Do what works for you and enjoy the season with the ones you love!!}

Alternate Activity:  Be encouraged by the following video entitled, “God’s Got You Covered”!


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Pastor D.J. {Be Like A Little Child}

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Pastor D.J. {The Faith To Forgive}

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The Help

I need help.  We all need help.

On Thursday I talked about ways to hold yourself accountable when wanting to change an area of your life in my post Back to Reality. This applies to any area or time in our life.  We all have things we want to improve, but don’t know how to get there.  Where can you reach out for HELP?

One area of my life that I wanted to improve was my daily enthusiasm for deepening my faith.  I had been in a rut and didn’t know where to start. MY HELP this week has been listening to Christian music.  Let me tell ya, it is working!

I had originally tried diving into the bible, and to be honest, all I kept doing was staring at the words on the page.  At that point in time, IT WASN’T WORKING!  So if you can’t get momentum, keep trying until something clicks!  Maybe your new HELP will be a friend you aren’t thinking of, a new book, getting involved in a group/organization, researching the internet….explore ALL options! Don’t give up!

And in case you are where I am, below are some of my new FAVS!  Check them out, and SING and DANCE with me!!  (If you can’t see the video’s below, copy and paste the titles into youtube)

Counting on God–New Life Worship

Phil Wickham – At Your Name (Yahweh Yahweh) 

Audrey Assad – Sparrow

NewWorldSon-Learning To Be The Light

Happy Sunday!



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Pastor D.J. {Press On}

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Pastor D.J. {This Could Be The Place For A Miracle}

Pastor D.J. wants you to know that this could be the place where God does something AmAzInG in your life!!


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Pastor D.J.’s Playbook #17 {Play Hard/Play Nice}

The Suede Sofa KiNdnEss ChaLLenGe:

Want joy this season?  Then pLaNt the “seed” of joy in someone else’s life.  You do reap what you sow, afterall!  Here is our challenge to you:  Do two things this holiday season (things that you don’t normally do) for people who have no way of paying you back.  If this is new for you, start with one thing!!  Just do SoMeThing!!

;) Robynn~

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