I’d Be Missing Out

We can all think of a time when we wanted to isolate ourselves from the wOrLd.  We believe if we didn’t have jobs, we wouldn’t have to deal with stress or deadlines.  If we could disconnect ourselves with people—family, friends, strangers—we’d never have to deal with awkward moments or conflict.  If we didn’t have to run errands, we could avoid being reminded of how great everyone else “has it” when we are out and about.

As the year of 2012 wrapped up, I found myself thinking a lot about all the awkward, uncomfortable, stressful and difficult moments of the year.  And you know what I realized?  If I was able to erase those moments of my life, I would have been missing out.  If I would have quit my block business after making some stressful mistakes, I would no longer get to experience the J O Y I receive when customers send me thank you notes after their blocks arrive.  I could have avoided an awkward moment by not talking to a stranger on a plane, but I would have missed out on an aMaZinG cOnVerSatiOn about his faith journey.  Not to mention the moments with friends and family through the year that involved moments of frustration, confusion or discomfort.  If I never had those interactions, our relationships wouldn’t be as close as they are today, let alone the sPeCiaL mEmoRieS we made together.  And as you know, sharing the move of our house last summer required a major gulp of humility, but I would have missed out on the sense of FREEDOM I felt by sharing my real life…just how it is…and knowing that you accept me…just the way I amgirl

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, doing things out of your comfort zone (looking for a new job, trying a new hobby, meeting new people), and standing up for what you believe in are all very hard things to do.  Many times they don’t even seem worth all the effort they require.  But let me assure you, they are.  Your life is richer, more meaningful, and above all, impacting more people, all because you are willing to face your fears, deal with hurt, and conquer challenges by moving on despite the outcome.

So what will 2013 look like for you?  This year I am welcoming more embarrassing moments, uncomfortable conversations and feelings of defeat as I work toward new goals.  You are going to have to deal with these weird feelings/emotions regardless (because we are human!) so why not do them while enriching your life?!  I don’t want to MiSs OuT on the best life I can have….do you?



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7 responses to “I’d Be Missing Out

  1. Midwest reader

    What an inspiring blog! I am now ready to face 2013 with my head up!

  2. Gwen Mickle

    Lara, sometimes I’m amazed at how much we think alike. I guess I needed this blog today because I’m resisting getting out there and making new friends in AZ. I guess I’ll go get started, even though some attempts may end in rejection.

    • I am right there with you! I haven’t done well at meeting new people in Lyndon, so I am forcing myself to join a new MOPS group this month. It will be a great chance to meet other Moms, and I know if I can make it past the first meeting, it will be much easier from then on. I just have to remind myself that if Robynn (the gal from Chanute that I started this blog with) would have never come up and talked to me at the local library, I would be missing out on an amazing friendship….and this blog…and so many other things! It is so worth being uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it is easy in the beginning! Thanks so much for commenting—it is reassuring :)

  3. Ashley L

    I’ve been reading your blogs when I get a moment away from the craziness here and there. I love a lot of them, but this spoke to me. I’m a pretty outgoing person, but have a huge problem with talking to crowds. So here I am doing something I love (aerobics) for a crowd of people…yipes! I will think of this on my first morning when my face is bright red with embarrassment! Thanks for the post!

    • Oh, I am so glad you are enjoying them!  I am glad you found reassurance in this…you will do great and it will be so worth it, even if it is uncomfortable at first!  I plan to be there on the 5th to cheer you on :)  Just remember, people in the crowd are probably going to be just as nervous about working out in a “crowd” just as much as you will be talking to one!!


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