Valentine’s Day Handprint Crafts

Maybe it’s the first grade teacher in me, or maybe it is just simply the Mommy in me trying to bottle every minute of my kids being LiTtLe, but I am hooked on handprint crafts!  When my son was born I made about 20 handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving and sent them out to family and friends.  Since then there hasn’t been a holiday that has gone by without the creation of a handprint project to proudly hang in our home to remember how little their hands once were and to remind us how quickly time goes by.  Maybe my Handprint Memories post last Christmas prompted some of you get out the paint and start MaKiNg SoMe MeMoRiEs…if not, here are some easy Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started!

This year my 5 year old son was able to paint the L and the E after I traced them!

This year my 5-year-old son was able to paint the L and the E after I traced them!


I found these wood hearts at my local craft store and stamped them with the “special name” that my kids say I call them the most!



You can also do a family handprint craft!


Here’s one my sister did last year and gave out as Valentine’s Day gifts from my niece!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)



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26 responses to “Valentine’s Day Handprint Crafts

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  14. TMP

    You know someone has taken all of your images and posted them on their blog as if it were theirs…without any form of credit to you.

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  20. Bridget

    Hi- I really like the hand and feet Love. How did you do the feet part and what size paper did you use?

  21. did you find the red wooden hearts or did you have to paint them red? I’m looking for a project for our kindergartners to do for a valentine day party.
    Thank you!

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