Make 2013 Your Year Of…

With the start of every year I like to WriTe oUt My gOaLs.  Some years the list can get quite intensive including goals in my relationships, personal life, and finances.  And while that is all well and good, sometimes I just need to pick one and focus on that.  Maybe you can relate.  If so, consider naming 2013 your year of…

It can be AnYtHiNg yOu WiSh.  Maybe it will be your year to learn a new skill, develop a character trait or build/mend a relationship.  Maybe it will be your year of slowing down and smelling the roses or finally getting fit.

Whatever your goals are for 2013, we at Suede Sofa wish you a PrOsPeRouS and BleSsEd year!!  May 2013 be your best year yet!

:) Robynn


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2 responses to “Make 2013 Your Year Of…

  1. Ann

    Thank you Suede Sofa for your inspiration of making a live-it-list!

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