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Live-It List Lesson

Last year at this time The Suede Sofa began talking about the “Live-It List” – which is sort of like a bucket list, but with the emphasis on living rather than on dying.  Well, 2012 is coming to a close and I’ve been working on my “Live-It List” all year long.  In January, I started out with a lengthy list of things that I thought were important.  Although it felt great to get those items checked off my list, the one thing that my “Live-It List” revealed to me was what is important and worth pursuing and what things are really, well, just a distraction.   My list contained “good” things be sure, but good things can steal your focus from the best things.  So in 2013 I am going to do things different from what I have ever done before and just pick one.  The best one.

Are you focused and going after only the best, or are you like I was in 2012 – all over the place and although accomplishing a lot of things, not really accomplishing anything really significant?   This may come as a relief to know that you can streamline your life and eliminate activities that don’t serve your best interests.

What is your purpose?  What deserves your focus and attention?  Could 2013 be your year to “Pick One”?

:) Robynn


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Saved By The Bell

Growing up with all sisters, I never knew what it was like to grow up around boys.  When we were bLesSeD with a baby boy over 2 years ago, our world changed forever.  I immediately learned how different (but good) life would be with a boy!

One of the main differences between Garrett and sister, Leanne, is that Garrett has little to no fear.  When that kid decides he wants something, he heads that diRecTion and never looks back.  Because we live in the country, with plenty of land to run around on, you can see how this poses a major problem.  The second we would turn around our little boy would be off eXploRinG, leaving us in a panic not knowing where to look.

Due to a few of these scares we took away his freedom when he went outside.  His FaVoRitE thing to do is to play outdoors, so you can only imagine the tantrums this created when he wanted to go and we didn’t have the time to take him.

My father-in-law happened to pick up a small cow bell at an auction.  We joked about how we should attach it to Garrett since he always runs off.  One morning, after another 2-year-old meltdown, I was desperate for him to have an atTitUde change.  I grabbed the bell, tied it to his pants, opened the windows and let him loose to play in the front yard.

Let me tell you….that bell changed EVERYTHING!

Garrett gets to play in the dirt as much as he wants, and I am always an earshot away.  I can get work done in the house and this gives him a break from me, in a way that I can know where he is at.  We’ve been doing this for several weeks now and Garrett’s temperament has changed drastically.  Now that he is able to release his eNerGy by playing outside, he is much happier and less likely to throw tantrums.  It is really cute too…every time he grabs his shoes, he always grabs his bell!  He knows he can’t go outside without it!

Who would have thought we’d be saved by a bell? If you are at at the end of your rope, I encourage you to talk to as many other people as you can AND exhaust all options. It may be as sImpLe as getting a cow bell…

Ring-a-ling! :)




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Halloween Decorations

This Halloween my son gave me a challenge.  Instead of my usual cute Halloween decorations he wanted spooky and scary decorations for our home.  I searched Pinterest and found some  ideas, but decided to give them a twist of my own!

This skeleton wreath was made with items bought at local dollar stores and Target.  First I covered a styrofoam wreath with Halloween ribbon.  The next step was to hot glue the plastic skeletons to the wreath.  It was SuPeR easy to make and my son was ThRiLlEd with the results!

For the light up ghosts I turned metal tomato cages upside down and wrapped them in Christmas lights.  Next I covered them in a twin sized sheet cut in half and glued felt pieces for the eyes.  I made two ghosts since I have two children, but you can make an entire ghost family with such an EaSy project!

Happy Haunting!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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Love It! {Farmyard Tales}

Farmyard Tales by Heather Amery

Looking for a good children’s book?  This is currently one of my favorites.  I first heard of it when Lara and her family stayed with my family during their move.  (Click here to read about her moving her house!) Each night Lara would read it to her kids and mine.  After their move, Lara gave us this book as a thank-you gift and now my kids love having me read it to them.  So if you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews check it out!

:)  Robynn~

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