All The Grace You Need

Have you ever tried to copy someone who was having great results but when you tried to duplicate their success you utterly failed?  Although their methods worked for them it did not work for you?  We all have probably been there at one point or another.  It is easy to think that just because something works for someone else it will work for us.

But one lesson I’ve learned is this:

God does not give us grace for someone’s situation and circumstances.  He gives us grace for our situation and circumstances.

This is the King Saul and David principle.  In the well-known Bible story of David and Goliath, before David went to face the giant he was brought before King Saul.  When King Saul saw that David was willing to fight Goliath, he was thrilled.  For forty days this giant had been taunting King Saul and his army to come fight him.  No one was willing to take Goliath up on the challenge except for David.  Immediately King Saul gave David his armour for the battle and when David put it on, he could barely move in it.  So David cast aside this fancy weaponry and used what he knew best – his sling and 5 small, smooth stones.  Turns out that 5 in the Bible is a symbolic number for GrAcE.  God’s grace (favor) in this situation was using David’s wit and skill to defeat a giant with only a sling and stones.

Where do you need grace in your life?  Your marriage?  Parenting?  Your personal life?  On the job?  In relationships?   Is it time to stop trying to do things like everyone and just ask God for His help?  He has tailor-made grace for your very situation.  All the grace you need.

:) Robynn


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4 responses to “All The Grace You Need

  1. Ann

    Comforting post!

  2. Kelli Schutter

    Thank you for this post. It brought me to tears. This is just the message I needed to hear today.

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