{HaPpY FaLL!!!}

Suede Sofa’s “Jersey Girl” enjoying fall!!

Ah… it’s FaLL!  And although I am always sad to see summer come to an end, there are so many things about this NoStaLgiC time of the year to love.  Off the top of my head I’m thinking of pleasant weather; FoOtBaLL games; crisp Saturday mornings; apple dumplings; fall festivals; chili on the 1st cool day; pulling out the blue jeans, sweaters, and boots; and colorful leaves.  What’s on your list?  Is it taking your kids to a pumpkin patch or ApPLe orchard, making your own homemade apple BuTtEr, attending an alma mater football game, taking a Sunday drive to photograph the colorful leaves, or raking a pile of leaves for your kids {and you} to play in?  Why not make a list of your top ten fall FaVoRiTeS and then go ahead and enjoy the season!!

HaPpY FaLL!!!

:) Robynn~

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