Breakfast Sandwiches

I am filling in for Robyn today and will post again on Friday!

School starts tomorrow and I’ve been making a list of all the breakfast mEaLs I want to have prepared for Leanne each week.  (When Doug was growing up, his Mom would make him a different breakfast food for each day of the week.  Like oatmeal on Mondays, sandwiches on Tuesday, etc)  Wasn’t that such a good idea?  And it keeps you from scrambling each morning, trying to decide what to make the kids!

I thought I’d share one of our fAvoRites.  It is super easy and our kids actually beg us to make it!  I also like that it sticks with you throughout the morning, so you don’t get hungry until lunchtime!

All we do is:

1) Fry up some bacon and eggs (to your liking).

2)Toast some bread and spread it with jelly (we like strawberry!).

3)Stack the egg and bacon in between your bread and cut at an angle.

4) EnJoy!

For the men out there, Doug likes a “double decker” (as shown in the picture) so he uses three slices of toast, two eggs and a few slices of bacon!



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3 responses to “Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. Dian

    I make something like that, but I use leftovers. Leftover scrambled eggs, american cheese and some kind of meat. Lunchmeat ham, cured ham or bacon. Butter the outsides of the bread, put the eggs, cheese and ham/bacon in the center then put it in the George Foreman grill. It’s a hit!

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