Home Sweet Home

Well, I am finally able to wrap up our “moving” jOurNey!   We’ve been living at our new location (north of Lyndon) for 5 weeks now and are feeling settled!

It has been a productive and fun last few weeks.  First off, Robynn and her family stopped by to see the house before it was placed on the foundation.  They were our first official viSiToRs!!

The house was placed on the foundation the day after it got here and then we were busy getting the utilities hooked up.

We built the wall for our walkout basement.

Doug and his Dad bUiLt our deck on the back of the house.  Remember, this use to be the FRONT of our house before we moved it!

In the upcoming weeks a construction crew will come and put our new addition on the front of the house (see where the footings are in front of the red door).  We will be excited to have that space back again!

We are still far from having the place LoOk the way we want , but at least it is functional.  The most important thing is that are H O M E with a happy family to fill the rooms.  The rest will come!

Thanks for following this journey with us!  What an eventful couple of months it has been!  I will be sharing some more before and after pictures of our projects throughout the fall, so stay tuned!

If you missed my other posts leading up to this point read Why Move A House? , Demo Work , Moving Day, Moving Our House and The Official Moving Day



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2 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Your subscribers

    We enjoyed the journey. WELCOME HOME!

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