The Official MOVING Day: There Goes the House!

The day FinAlly came!  The movers left with the house around 9:15 am.  They weren’t sure how long the move would take, as this was their LONGEST move they’d ever done.  Yep–over 100 miles!  They couldn’t take the highway the entire way, which means they had to detour by taking side roads and gravel.  We didn’t know if they’d have to stop and leave it for the night or what would happen.  Check below to find out :)

Headed down Hwy 75

Entering Yates Center

Going through stoplight at Yates Center!  It was fUnnY, someone called Doug right then and said, “Hey, I swore I just saw your house go through Yates Center?!”

Northbound on Hwy 75.  This would be the longest stretch they could take on the Hwy, which was about 25 miles.

Even got to pass our HOUSE on the highway!  wEiRd!

Doug headed to the new place and the kids and I stopped at my parent’s for lunch.  Afterward, we were on the HuNt to see if we could find it.  Not knowing where the house would be, we decided to start in Melvern and backtrack.  Much to our surprise, this is what we saw when we popped the hill!  Let’s just say…they are making great time!

Went right in front of the school I went to as a kid!

Headed north out of Melvern.

Big ThaNks to all the farmers and people on the road that day who had to pull over to let the house by!

Garrett and Leanne as we followed the house.  As you can see, it can be eXhaUstiNg..and ExCitiNg!  :)

Police escort driving through downtown Lyndon!  This is where the kids will attend school.

Headed East on 268 toward Pomona.

A dUsTy trip on the gravel roads…so glad we sealed up all the doors and vents!  YiKeS!

WE MADE IT!  Victory Hug!

Pulling in the new driveway at 5:35 pm.  They made it in 8 1/2 hours!  Woot Woot!

Parking it next to the foundation!

Remember how I said God coNsTanTLy assured us that moving our house was the right thing to do?!  This is what we saw as soon as the house pulled in the yard.  Coincidence?  I think not!

We are on the home stretch! Next Friday I will share a few pictures of the house on the new location and let you in on some of our pRojEcTs we’ve already done in the last 4 weeks to make our place more like HOME!

 If you have missed my other posts leading up to this point read Why Move A House? , Demo WorkMoving Day and Moving Our House!

Again, we give all the credit to Unruh House Movers!  What an awesome crew!




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6 responses to “The Official MOVING Day: There Goes the House!

  1. Dian

    I wish I would have known the day you went through Melvern. I would have liked to see a house go through town:)

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  5. Tracy Sabb

    Love this end table. Thank you for sharing your idea I need this in my living room

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