Upcycled Winowpane Table

Take a look at my latest project!  My neighbors put all new windows in their house and I took their old ones for my endless projects!  I turned this square window into an end table for my living room.

Old window before I sanded off the old paint and dulled the rough edges

Ready for some legs!

Found these table legs at Lowes for about $10.00 each

Gave the table a new “Old” look using acrylic paint and a weather crackle effect!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)


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17 responses to “Upcycled Winowpane Table

  1. Joyce Brady

    Neat idea!

  2. Wow, that looks amazing! Great job!

  3. I love this! It’s amazing when someone can take an ordinary item that seems to have no value at first glance and turn it into something beautiful and function. Kudos to you for making a fantastic piece of functional art. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like the window-table idea. And I might add a shelf down below :-)

  5. Laura Shea

    I’ve been very tempted to go this, but am afraid of the danger of a window breaking when used.

  6. sue

    how do u get the crackle look? I love it

  7. I used Martha Stewart crackle medium from Michaels.

  8. Curt

    Great idea, just be careful because window glass is very fragile, setting a drink glass on the table may break the glass if you are not very careful.

  9. Love the idea, but not the thought of cleaning those panes of glass regularly. As commented elsewhere, window glass is not mean’t to support weight. Perhaps putting a piece of tempered glass on top to protect the glass (and reduce the cleaning time) might work. Regardless, very nice job!

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  11. Laura

    Can you please give more details on how you fastened the legs to the window?

  12. Sure! I used L brackets to fasten the legs. Didn’t look the best but I was able to paint over them so they were less noticeable!

  13. Mary Granados

    I plan to recycle windows taken out of my back garage apartment. When I start the project, would you like pix?

  14. Nehemiah Project

    I just ran across this on Pinterest. I have seen a number of window-tables and wonder…do you use the original glass, change to a tempered glass or some sort of reinforcement? We have acquired some windows and a table or two is in the plans.
    –John, also from NJ.

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