Farm Boys {& Farm Girls}

So many aspects of SuMmEr take me back to my growing up years living on a farm – the smell of fresh-cut hay, not to mention those deliciously aromatic fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden; the taste of fresh strawberries, fresh corn on the cob, and ice-cold water from a jug on a hot day; the sound of crickets as you lay in bed at night with the windows open (I grew up in SD where it cooled off a bit at night); and the sight of JoHn DeErE GrEeN (yes, my dad really did think that “nothing runs like a Deer”) as well as beautiful sunsets viewed from the cab of a tractor as I was baling hay.  This just barely scratches the surface, as the experiences are too numerous to mention.

So when the You Tube video “I’m Farming and I Grow It” went viral just a few weeks ago by the Petersen brothers (they are almost up to 6 million views), Lara and I were thrilled.  (Lara is a farm girl as well, lives on a farm, and her husband farms.)   It was icing on the cake that one of the Petersen brothers attends KaNsAs StAtE UniVerSiTy where Lara, her husband Doug, and my husband Scott graduated.

One of the things Lara and I love about the video is that it really portrays life on a farm.  That really is what farming looks like!!  It took both of us back to growing up on the FaMiLy FaRm.  (My family did not have cattle, but Lara’s did.)  We even laughed about the way they were dressed (jeans, baseball caps, and t-shirts with the sleeves cut out) as they could have passed for boys working on our familys’ farms.

If you’ve never experienced life on a farm and have wondered what it’s like, here it is.  At least the way it was on our familys’ farms.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!




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4 responses to “Farm Boys {& Farm Girls}

  1. Dian

    I love that video, too! It reminds me of sooo many farm children I have watched grow. I love the fact their clothes are dirty and the shirts have no sleeves.

  2. Sara

    I have been so busy putting up hay to THANK YOU for the thank you note. Suede Sofa has taught me that although all of us can improve our lives, all of us still have to experience a certain order of life in general, such as childhood, careers, marriage, parenting, death of loved ones, ect. That is where Suede Sofa is helping it’s readers realize what they are going through is probably NORMAL. THANK YOU!!!

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