{Your Favorite Name}

Do you know what the all-time FaVoRiTe name is that people like to hear?  If you said, “Their own” you are right.  There is just something about a person’s name.  Remember someone’s name and you will have their instant friendship.  Forget or mispronounce a name and you will have committed a grave offense.

Remembering names in not an easy task.  It takes WoRk.  And because of that we like to justify it by saying, “I’m not good with names.”  The fact of the matter is that there are very few people who are naturally good at remembering names.   So, unless you are one of those people with a knack for remembering you are going to have to work on this if you want to be good at it.

If you read books on PeOpLe skills you see this principle of remembering names appear over and over.  It is that important.  If you want to improve your people skills start practicing remembering names.  How?   The same way you would prepare for a test:  to study.  When you meet someone, try to associate their name with something that you can easily remember.  {For example, you meet a Karen at Pre-school and you associate her with your mom, whose name is Karen}.  Then as soon as you can, write their name down along with where you met them and the thing you associate their name with.   As you read their name over and over, you will be better at remembering.

It may take a little extra time on your part, but the ReWaRd will be well worth it!



Want to learn more about people skills?  Check out Dale Carnegie’s book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People”

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