10 Things We Love About Summer!!

WE love summer! We LOVE summer!! We love SUMMER!!! Can you tell we love summer?! And we are already beginning to make plans for all the fun things we want to do. How about you? Do you have a list? Why not make this summer the funnest one yet?

With our commitment to “LiVe-It” we want to spend more time with our kids and less time on our computers so we’re planning on changing our writing schedule a bit. Robynn will be posting on Mondays, Robyn (Jersey Girl) will be posting on Wednesday and Lara will be posting on Fridays. From time to time we may share something extra on the other days, but this will give you an idea of when you can read our individual posts.

If you’re looking for a fun activity, why not make a list of why you love summer? Here’s our lists:

10 things Lara loves about summer:

1-Homemade Ice Cream

2-Planting Season/Corn Rows

3-Pony Tails

4-Putting Flip Flops on for the First Time

5-Inflatable Kiddy Pools

6-Longer Days

7-Watermelon, Lemonade, Burgers and Chips

8-Farmer Tans

9-Family Vacations

10-County Fairs

10 things Robyn loves about summer:

1-The Beach!

2-Building Sand Castles

3-Backyard BBQ’s

4-Patriotic Holidays

5-Flip Flops!!!


7-Spending weekends with   family and friends

8-Celebrating my kid’s birthdays

9-Warm Weather

10-No Schedule!

10 things Robynn loves about summer:

1-Barefeet babies!!

2-Hanging out on my back porch with friends & family

3-Driving in the country past corn fields

4-Catching lightning bugs with my kids – our version of catching lightning in a bottle!!

5-The smell of fresh cut grass, alfalfa hay, and bbq

6-Family road trips back to South Dakata to see friends & family

7-Regular family biking trips to our town’s pool

8-4th of July Celebrations – family, friends, food, fun, fireworks!!

9-Heat!! And the feel of warm air on your skin!!

10-Early morning walks & jogs

~What do you LOVE about summer?  Go ahead, make your list! ~

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