Full Circle Moment

You never know when something profound is going to hit you, but as I sat in my kitchen wasting time on Amazon.com waiting for my husband and son to wake up on a Sunday morning I was struck as I searched the words, “You Are My Sunshine.”

A few weeks ago when I was going in for a mammogram to check the group of lumps I had found for breast cancer (click to see my story) I taught my kids the song, You Are My Sunshine.  We would sit together and sing it as I fought back tears praying that my test would show that I would be OK.  As many of you know I am fine, but the song has stuck with my kids.  We sing it all the time!  I even bought the book, You Are My Sunshine for my son and he points to each word on the page and proudly reads the lyrics while my daughter dances around us.  It has become very meaningful to me and I am always searching for new books, prints, signs, etc. for our home or their rooms.

While searching Amazon I came across a musical pull toy for a baby that had a big sun on it.  I immediately remembered that I had purchased that same toy to hang on my bedpost when I was at my lowest point while trying to conceive my first baby.  My husband and I went through over 2 years of infertility before conceiving our son after 3 rounds of IVF.  The sunshine baby toy stayed on my bedpost and I refused to take it off until I brought our son Nicholas home from the hospital.  Eventually I moved the toy to the middle of the headboard and both my son and daughter both played with it as babies and it brought me great JoY to know that something that I bought at one of the lowest points in my life was now being used by my little MiRaClEs.  As I continued to look at the Amazon listing for this toy that I still have in my room even though my kids no longer play with it, I noticed that the song it plays is…YoU ArE My SuNsHiNe.

Life doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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