The Green-Eyed Monster Called Jealousy

Do you begrudge other’s SuCcEsSeS?  Do you secretly wish for others to fail?  If so,  jealousy may be an issue for you.

Jealousy stems from a mindset that believes there’s only a limited amount of success and good fortune and if someone finds success/good, it means your chances have decreased.    This is a scarcity mindset.  Contrast that with an AbUnDaNcE mindset – one that believes there is an endless supply of success/good to go around.

One thing I believe is that God is big enough to bless others and at the same time bless me.  And if for some reason someone finds good while I am waiting for my blessing I can rejoice with them knowing that my PaYdAy is coming.

If you struggle with jealousy, but want to develop an attitude that sincerely wishes good for others here’s something that might help.  Nothing seems to disarm the temptation of jealousy as much as celebrating others’ BleSsiNgs.  This can be a pat on the back, telling someone “Good job!”, or some other gesture to let others know that you are happy about their success.  When you do, you’re putting that green-eyed monster to bed and making way for GoOd to come to you!




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3 responses to “The Green-Eyed Monster Called Jealousy

  1. Gigi

    Good perspective. Like the drawing!

  2. Stanford Cotham

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