{When Life Hands You a Lemon, Make Memories}

Don’t you hate the 24-hour bug?   Especially when it falls on a really important day, like ChRiStmAs!  Well, that was the case with my husband this past Christmas.  I felt so bad for him because I know how much he enjoys spending time with family, as well as being with our kids on Christmas morning to see their excitement and delight as they come down the stairs to discover what surprises SaNtA has left for them.

I was determined that I would spend that day doing something my girls and I would remember for years to come.  Early that morning, my brother had sent me an e-Christmas card.  When I opened it, it had elves DaNciNg with his family’s individual faces superimposed on each elf.  It was hystical!  So, I began to make my family’s Christmas card using these cute elf dances and pics from my computer of each person in my family.  I’m not all that computer-savvy, however, it only took a few minutes and was super-easy.  Then I called the girls and they were able to watch our family do a variety of elf dances, from country to HiP-HoP, to disco.  My girls lauged hysterically for hours {well, not exactly hours, but defintely many minutes}.

Then we got out their new chairs that Santa had brought them, sat down and played BeAuTy SaLoN as I gave them each {and Walter, our chocolate lab} a manicure and pedicure.  I have always enjoyed our Christmas’ but to be honest, because we basically always do the same thing {I love tradition}, they all kinda run together.  But not this year.

Later on that day when my husband was feeling a tad bit better, we took the labtop to “sick bay” and let him watch the videos we had created.  He had heard all the laugher earlier that day and said he wondered what was so funny.  Although he still wasn’t feeling  all that great, he was well enough to get to enjoy the videos as once again our girls began laughing HyStEriCallY.

I learned a good LeSsOn that day.  Sometimes life’s most funny moments are those spontaneous times when life hands you the lemon.  You didn’t expect it.  You really didn’t even initially like it, but you roll with it and as a result you just got some pretty good MeMoRiEs.



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