{Etiquette 101}

Are we the only ones who don’t always know the right and proper thing to do in social settings?  Ok, I know that is a rhetorical question because from time to time I’m guessing 99.9% of the population finds themselves in that awkward situation.  You want to do the right thing in a social setting, but you just don’t know what that “RiGhT ThiNg” is.  So, The Suede Sofa is taking the subject of etiquette head-on.  We’re hoping to address some of those situations as they come up.  Our plan?  When they do come up we’ll do some research via the internet, books, people, etc. and then we’ll share with you what we find.  Some of these situations may be things we have already learned.  If you have some AwKwArD situations you would like the Suede Sofa to address, let us know!  Here’s some of the ones I’m thinking of off the top of my head:

  • Making eye contact with strangers {i.e. when you are walking down the aisle in the grocery store}
  • Etiquette in interacting with people who have DiSaBiLiTiEs
  • What to do when you’re in a group of people and someone starts talking degrading of another person
  • What to say to someone to someone who has lost a loved one

So, let me leave you with this:

I did a bit of research on the first one listed {making eye contact with strangers in public places}.  And here is what I found:  In our culture (this is not the case in all cultures) making EyE cOnTaCt with strangers in a non-threatening and friendly manner is considered acceptable and looked at as being confident.  Whereas, not making eye-contact suggests weakness and a lack of self-confidence.  So, I’m working on this.  I’ll try to let you know how it goes!  The research stated that this can be really awkward and uncomfortable at first, but as you practice, it gets EaSiEr.

As we share our posts on etiquette, please give us your suggestions.  In some cases we are learning and are trying to get as much input as possible.  We appreciate your comments!



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