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From Mommy with Love

What advice would you leave for your loved ones if you knew you may not live the life you envisioned?  This past month I was faced with one of the scariest unknowns of my life and by the GrAcE of GoD everything turned out fine and I am here to write about it and inspire.  It started out like any other Sunday in our house with the usual noise and chaos followed by dinner at my parents house, but throughout the day I kept noticing an annoying pain in my right breast.  I am a worrier so I called my gynecologist the next morning which was Monday and made an appointment for Tuesday morning to get it checked out.  I was hoping the Dr. would say that he didn’t feel anything and that there was nothing to worry about, but there it was, “Well, I feel a few lumps that we need to have checked out.”  I tried to remain calm and hold it together until I could get in my car and call to make an appointment for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Luckily there was a cancellation for the following day so I knew I would just have to make it through the next 24 hours of not knowing.  I knew that being 35 didn’t mean anything as far as breast cancer was concerned because I have friends who were diagnosed before they were 40.  I kept praying that the lumps would turn out to be cysts or something curable, but my mind couldn’t stop from drifting to the “What if?”

The next day I went for my mammogram and ultrasound and waited in the ultrasound room for the results as the radiologists read the tests.  It felt like an eternity as I lay on the table waiting to find out if there was any trace of cancer.  I started to think, “Am I going to get to see my son go to his prom in a tuxedo with his spiky hair?” and “I better start writing advice down for Abby like, If you are ever shopping and have to make a decision between two colors and pink is one of the options…always pick PINK!”  I felt numb, as my eyes filled with tears thinking about all I had to lose.  Turns out there was no sign of cancer or cysts or anything of the sort.  Apparently it is normal to have dense breast tissue at this age with lumps that come and go within your cycle.  HoWeVeR…do not take this as any sort of medical advice and follow-up on anything you may feel in the future!

So it has been about three weeks since my scare and it got me thinking about my advice for Abby.  Why should I wait for a tragedy to start writing down things that I think are important for my kids to know?  Whether it be silly shopping advice or a story about how my husband and I met, I think now is as good a time as any to get writing and start a memento that both of  my children will have for years down the road.

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)



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“Move ON…

and don’t look back.”  Hearing those words can be encouraging but difficult to live out!

-Are you trying to be a better YOU but you can’t stop dwelling on all of the bad things you’ve done recently?

-Are you trying to forgive someone but you keep allowing yourself to think of all the reasons you can’t?

-Is your weight loss or financial goals in a rut because you won’t LET GO of all the times you failed?

-Are you spending most of your days with the ‘Poor Me’ attitude?

When I allow my mind go off in a dark place of thought the result is always the same:  I FEEL EVEN WORSE!  We can usually tell when we are headed down the road of negativity or depression.  The gOoD nEwS is we have a choice on whether or not we are going to detour those thoughts!

As my mind slips in that direction I immediately say to myself “I am NOT going there!”  I have to repeat this numerous times throughout the day as my mind tries to fall back into bad habits, but most of the time it works.

Life is a constant pep-talk.  We have to push ourselves to think right, make good choices and act appropriately.  Those areas in life don’t always come easy.  If your mind begins wondering in the wrong direction, do yourself a favor and remind those negative thoughts that YOU are NOT going there!



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{The Answer Is In The House}

With a tough EcoNoMy like the one we’re in, many people find themselves in a challenging financial position.  Many are looking to take on second jobs to make ends meet.  It reminds me of a talk I heard back in college.  My alma mater, Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Ok required us students to attend chapel twice a week.  These were a HiGhLiGhT for me as they were so uplifting.  From time to time special speakers would be invited to address the students.  One of the chapel services I remember the best was one in which ToMmY BaRnEtT, pastor of Phoenix First Church spoke about a widow who found herself in financial dire straits.  He told the story about this woman in the Bible who came to the prophet Elisha, desperate for help.  {II Kings 4} She was a widow, had debtors demanding payment, and on brink of starvation.  If she could not pay her debt, by law she would be required to give her sons to the debtors.  She had no money, no means to make money, and was at the end of her supply of food.  When Elisha heard her story, he asked her, “What’s in your HoUsE?”  Her answer was, “Just a little bit of oil.”  Elisha then instructed her to collect jars from all her neighbors and pour her oil into the jars.  As she poured, the oil continued to flow, until she had enough to pay off her debtors.

The point of this story is that the answer to her problem was in her house.  She just didn’t think that what she had was sufficient.  If you are finding yourself with great need, ask yourself  “what’s in my “house”?”  Maybe you have a gift/talent/skill that you could turn into PrOfiT.  Maybe there’s some things you could sell.  Maybe it’s time to downside.  Whatever you do, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with your situation ask yourself, “What’s In My House?”  You may be sitting on your answer and not even know it!



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The Help

I need help.  We all need help.

On Thursday I talked about ways to hold yourself accountable when wanting to change an area of your life in my post Back to Reality. This applies to any area or time in our life.  We all have things we want to improve, but don’t know how to get there.  Where can you reach out for HELP?

One area of my life that I wanted to improve was my daily enthusiasm for deepening my faith.  I had been in a rut and didn’t know where to start. MY HELP this week has been listening to Christian music.  Let me tell ya, it is working!

I had originally tried diving into the bible, and to be honest, all I kept doing was staring at the words on the page.  At that point in time, IT WASN’T WORKING!  So if you can’t get momentum, keep trying until something clicks!  Maybe your new HELP will be a friend you aren’t thinking of, a new book, getting involved in a group/organization, researching the internet….explore ALL options! Don’t give up!

And in case you are where I am, below are some of my new FAVS!  Check them out, and SING and DANCE with me!!  (If you can’t see the video’s below, copy and paste the titles into youtube)

Counting on God–New Life Worship

Phil Wickham – At Your Name (Yahweh Yahweh) 

Audrey Assad – Sparrow

NewWorldSon-Learning To Be The Light

Happy Sunday!



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{Date Balls}

If you like dates, nuts, and coconut, this recipe is yummy-licious!!


  • 2 sticks butter
  • 2 c. sugar
  • 2 c. dates
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 c. Rice Krispies
  • 1 c. pecans
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 bag coconut

In a large pan heat butter, sugar, & dates.  Once mixture begins to bubble allow to cook for a few minutes.  Mixture will be a caramelized color.  Remove from heat.  In a small bowl whisk eggs.  Temper eggs  by adding 1 cup of hot mixture 1 tbsp at a time.  Add egg mixture to the butter, sugar, & date mixture.  Stir.  Add vanilla, Rice Krispies & nuts.  Stir.

Place coconut in a small bowl.  Drop 1 heaping tbsp of mixture into coconut.  Mixture will be gooey.  Roll into ball.  Place on cookie sheet.  Cool in the freezer or refrigerate.

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I…have Rheumatoid Arthritis

•For more “I Am…” stories, click here!

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Back to Reality

Last week I tagged along with Doug as he had a conference on the Big Island of Hawaii! We had a really great time! The hardest thing about coming back from a trip like that (or a spiritual weekend retreat) is that you immediately are faced with REALITY. It is so easy to have all of these wonderful plans, thoughts and ideas of how you want things to be when you return and the BAM you are faced with sick kids, bills, work, etc.

Doug and I discussed this dilemma. During our vacation we read a couple of books that imPacTed our lives greatly. We knew that coming back would be hard because it is much easier to have your priorities in order when relaxing on vacation. Living a week without a time schedule and work makes life so siMple….but unfortunately that is not reality!

So what do I do? My best advice is to suRroUnd yourself with people who support your new way of thinking. If you can’t find support right away then jot down your ideas on paper to serve as reminders. Place those thoughts on a bulletin board or in areas of the house that you will stumble across during the day to help hold you aCcouNtable. Realistically, even those ideas will only last temporarily and the realness of your day-to-day routine will try to take over. This will be an ongoing process, but no reason to give up entirely. Continue to search for ways to keep you on track and, if all else fails, schedule another getaway (like a day without kids or distractions) in the next 6 months that will allow you to regroup your thoughts!



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