LIVING IT: Exterior Home Makeover

Check out a completed “Live-It List” item from one of our readers!

I wanted a new look for the exterior of our home.  Check out what I did!

I ordered the supplies from Dyebrick ( After looking at their color panels we decided we would try staining our brick Rustic Brown. Starting out we ordered a “Sample Pot” which is roughly $11.00 plus shipping. Once the sample pot arrived and we tried it out in an conspicuous area we were ready to order enough for the front of our house. We then ordered the Brick Tinting Kit which is around $55.00 plus shipping. With no dilution the Brick Tinting Kit is 20fl.oz which can cover 162.5 sq.ft.

We ordered 2 and had some stain leftover. It took us around 15 hours to do the front of the house. If you have someone helping you, the time could be cut almost in half. It does take some time since you must stain one brick at a time. The stain is permanent and is guaranteed to last a lifetime so it’s definitely worth your time. We are 100% satisfied!

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5 responses to “LIVING IT: Exterior Home Makeover

  1. Beth

    Prince Edward Island

  2. Fido

    Just outside my front door

  3. Tara

    Your house looks fantastic. Ours is very similar, a small all orange brick bungalow. Could you let me know exactly how you did the bricks. They look like some are a bit lighter and some darker. It gives it such a realistic look. Did you do some of the bricks at the suggested dilution and then some more diluted to give it that look. I”m just starting my research for this project and would love any info on you acheived the look you got. Thanks so much. If you prefer to email me directly you can.

  4. Jeff

    So now that its 2017 how does the outside of the house look?

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