“Move ON…

and don’t look back.”  Hearing those words can be encouraging but difficult to live out!

-Are you trying to be a better YOU but you can’t stop dwelling on all of the bad things you’ve done recently?

-Are you trying to forgive someone but you keep allowing yourself to think of all the reasons you can’t?

-Is your weight loss or financial goals in a rut because you won’t LET GO of all the times you failed?

-Are you spending most of your days with the ‘Poor Me’ attitude?

When I allow my mind go off in a dark place of thought the result is always the same:  I FEEL EVEN WORSE!  We can usually tell when we are headed down the road of negativity or depression.  The gOoD nEwS is we have a choice on whether or not we are going to detour those thoughts!

As my mind slips in that direction I immediately say to myself “I am NOT going there!”  I have to repeat this numerous times throughout the day as my mind tries to fall back into bad habits, but most of the time it works.

Life is a constant pep-talk.  We have to push ourselves to think right, make good choices and act appropriately.  Those areas in life don’t always come easy.  If your mind begins wondering in the wrong direction, do yourself a favor and remind those negative thoughts that YOU are NOT going there!



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4 responses to ““Move ON…

  1. Sara

    Everyone could use your inspiration. Tomorrow is Lent: Forty Days to Start Over

  2. Thanks Lara I really needed a pep talk, I have been a little under the weather the last couple of days and I sometimes slip into a woe is me attitude when that happens. Thanks again for the boost I needed. Aunt Linda

    • Oh, I’m glad I could help. Isn’t us awesome how God speaks to us through other people?! Many days the comments I get just off of the blog is “what I needed” to lift my own spirits! So thank YOU for that. I’ll pray that you get a good jump start today and start feeling better too!!

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