Master Bedroom Makeover {Robynn}

My family and I had lived in our house for about 1 year when we were asked if we would be willing to have our house on our town’s HoLiDaY HoMes ToUr.  Up to that time I really didn’t know what kind of style I wanted for our master bedroom, so I really didn’t do much with it.  There was no ThEmE, no cohesiveness, no inspiration.  But once we agreed to place our home on the tour I was motivated to do something.  So, out came my magazines {I had not yet discovered PiNtErEsT} and I began scanning the pages to find the style that fit us best.  One thing we enjoy from time to time is to stay in a nice hotel.  So, that was the “FeeL” I was going for.   Here’s the before pictures of my bedroom.  Not a huge disaster, but definitely had no “WoW!” factor.

{Before #1}

{Before #2}

{Before #3}  I liked having these photos on this wall, but I really needed the space for my dresser, so the photos had to be moved.

{After #1}  One of first things I did was to add a rug which helped define the space.  A rug-on-a-rug may seem odd, but this one works especially with the BaSkEt WeAvE design and jute texture of the area rug.  I also added curtains and placed the rods as high up as possible.  This gives the feel of a taller ceiling.

The inspiration for the curtains came from a magazine picture that I ripped out and then tried to duplicate.  Believe it or not, they were made from drop cloths that I got from Sherwin Williams {I bought the heaviest weight they had as I wanted them to have a “starchy, stand up on their own” look.}  However, you can get the drop cloths in a much lesser weight if you want yours to have more of a “just hanging” look.

{After #2}  MiRrOrS add depth to any room.


{After #3}

That’s ChiCkY our yellow lab.

These pillows came from HoMe GoOdS.  I just picked beige ones that I liked.

Lighting is a great mood setter!  It gives AmBiAnCe and a sense of warmth.

Blank wall in bathroom.

I originally wanted to find one large mirror, but after looking for over a year I settled on four smaller ones.

Pictures from a wall were moved to my closet for a constant reminder of my girls when they were babies.  I’ll never tire of seeing their PrEcIoUs faces!  Closet #1

Closet #2

The throw fabric came from Wal-Mart.

For the duvet {the cover for my down} I purchased 400 thread count sheets from Wal-Mart.  My mother-in-law sewed them together  like a big pillow slip.  The down was placed inside and voila!  They are SuPeR-SoFt!

These plates came from Home Goods {Marshalls}

 Laying out the plates for the blank wall above my bed.  The hardware used to hang the plates came from Michael’s {I bet Hobby Lobby would have them also}.

That’s one blank wall!

Hardware to hang plates.  Super-easy to hang!!

Place this plate holder around plate’s edges.

Finally a focal point!

These mirrors for the wall behind the bathtub came from Wal-Mart for a little under $10/ea.

Make sure you tape them really good.

I used white spray paint and then I used paper towels to wipe the paint giving them a distressed look.

Hope you EnJoYeD the tour!

:) Robynn~

Here’s a video of the space.  {I give a few more details on the transformation.}

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