Conversation Etiquette For Kids {& Adults Too!}

I’m not exactly sure where I picked this up.  {Thinking it may have been in James Dobson’s book “Bringing Up Girls”.} 

Anyway, I love it and wanted to share it with you.

Teaching children conversation EtiQueTte, can be analogous to playing “catch”.  In order for this game to be fun and to continue both players need to participate.

When someone talks to us, say for example they ask, “Hello, how are you?”  They are throwing the “conversation ball” in our CoUrT.  It is then our turn to throw the ball back to them for the “game” to continue.  If we just say, “I’m fine.”  We have not thrown the ball back to them and the game ends.  However, for the conversation to continue it is important that we send the ball back with an EnGaGiNg statement or question such as, “I’m doing find.  I especially love the beautiful weather we are having.”  This statement encourages the other person to continue the conversation.  Another example would be someone asking us, “So how old are you?”  When we answer, “I am 9.”  we are holding the ball.  However, adding, “But I turn 10 in just 2 months and then I’m going to take piano lessons.”  We invite and EnCouRaGe the other person to throw the ball back to us.

This activity can be practiced simply by grabbing a ball and playing the “Conversation Game”.  The person with the ball asks a question or makes a statement to one of the other players and then passes the ball to them.   The person with the ball can only pass the ball when they ask a question or make an engaging statement.

Even children at young ages can learn the ArT of conversation!  Hopefully this little game can help in that endeavor!!



Hidden “Live-It List” question:

What is the most important item on your “Live-It List”?  {Consider this, but you don’t necessarily have to answer this part of the question in your comment:  Is time to “rip it like a bandaid” and get this item completed so that you either have it checked of once & for all OR you are actually “Living-It”?}


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2 responses to “Conversation Etiquette For Kids {& Adults Too!}

  1. Bridget

    Great game! Thank you! We need this visual!!

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