Have Fun with Photos

Until recently I was the kind of mom who took my kids to the local portrait studio for nearly every and any occasion I could come up with to have their picture taken.  To give you a visual of what went down on my last visit,  just picture my four-year old son jumping off a lego table, my two-year old niece crying because she wanted to sit in the chair that my daughter was sitting in, and my two-year old daughter not cooperating because I was too busy wrangling my son off the obstacle course he had created out of the furniture to be paying any bit of attention to her needs.  My sister and I left the studio with the three kids an hour later physically and mentally exhausted with no pictures to show for our effort.

Inspiration for this photo came from a friend who did a search on Pinterest!

Shortly after that debacle of a visit to the portrait studio my parents bought my husband and I a new camera for Christmas.  I decided that I was going to start taking more candid shots of my kids and family instead of trying to always get the PeRfEcT shot.  It has been a LeArNiNg experience, but it is a lot of fun!

Candid at dancing school

Suede Sofa Challenge…

Get your cameras out and get snapping!  We would LOVE to see what our readers come up with for fun and exciting photos from across the globe!  Email us your photos with your name, city, and state or city and country.  All photos will be shared in a special post on Friday, March 30th titled, Fun Photo Friday!

Email your photos to:


Put “Fun Photo Friday” in the subject line of your email

Have fun!

~Robyn (Jersey Girl)

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