DIY Door Headboard

Remember this fall when I did a bedroom makover in one afternoon?  See my blog post BEDROOM MAKEOVER.  Well, my husband and I finally got around to making the door an official headboard.  Check out how we did it!

First, I took off the hardware & Doug cut one end of the door off to make each side the same length.

Then we measured the 1x4 that will be used for the top of the headboard. This will be the LAST piece that we add because it will hide the brackets that help secure the headboard to the wall.

We added this simple trim on the face & sides of the door. The angles weren't too hard to cut. Pretty easy with the help of a miter saw!

To secure the bottom of theheadboard, we took a 2x3 and drilled it into the wall. We sat the door on top of the 2x3 & screwed them together. For the top, we attached these brackets to the back of the door and then screwed the top of the bracket into the wall.

To finish, we nailed the 1x4 to the very top, that way it covers up the brackets we just screwed into the wall!!

I forgot to take a picture of how I distressed the headboard. I painted the entire door white and then took a dark brown paint and went around all of the corners with a small brush. At times, I painted in random spots and then wiped it off with a paper towel to give it a worn, smudged look! No sanding involved to get it to look this way! Can't beat it!

My bedroom is complete! YaY!!

Big thanks to “my man” for helping me complete this project!



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2 responses to “DIY Door Headboard

  1. I love this. I have a door that I am working on. I was wondering how to finish it because I am using red and cream, also. I love the distressed look.

    • Are you painting the door red and cream? If so, I would just paint the entire door either red or cream, and then after it dries, paint a couple of coats of the opposite color over it. Then sand down areas of the door so the underneath color shows through. You couldthen stain the entire door to add a more aged look. Then I would seal the entire door with a polyurethane.

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