{Freedom To Be “Me”}

Hi Suede Sofa FriEnDs!  Good Monday morning!!

It’s been 10 months since Lara and I started this blog and one thing we really endeavor to do it to be real, transparent, and give hope.  Lara says that “LiFe presents our posts.” and I would have to agree.  We try to write about life and all that it brings as those circumstances come our way.  Today I’m thinking about a situation that occurred yesterday as my family was getting ready for church.

I sent my girls upstairs to get dressed.  When Belle, my 4-year-old picked out a cute ruffled {SuMmEr} dress I was willing to oblige, as I knew she could wear a sweater over the sleeveless dress.  When I picked out some cute tights for her she had other ideas – casual mid-calf tights with black sparkly shoes with the glitter worn off.  This was not what I had in mind for her at all.  I wanted her to look “CuTe”. {And to be warm as it is the middle of January!}

Can you relate?  I love FaShiOn and when I see the cute kid catalogues with the kid models looking so put together, I want my kids to look well dressed like that.  But my kids don’t share my same ideas on StyLe.  So a decision had to be made.  Would I allow my child the freedom and independence to have a say in what she got to wear or would I insist on her wearing what I wanted her to wear, so that she {and ultimately I} can look good?

I understand there are some decisions where my kids won’t get a VoTe {principles, morals, modesty, etc.} however, in the little things that really don’t matter I’m trying to let them have a say in the matter.  Maybe you are past the 4 & 5-year-old stage and your issue is what college they will attend, what career to pursue, how your adult child conducts their life.  Are you giving your kids the FrEeDoM to be themselves, express themselves, and chose for themselves?  That is easier said than done, I know.  Frequently, I tell my girls that they will always be my “BaBiEs” – even when they have babies of their own.  And being able to have input in their life may just be part of parenthood.  But parenthood is also about respecting the gifts, temperament, interests, and UniQuEneSs that God has placed in each of my kids.  So, some days I’ll have to swallow hard, smile, and let them express their uniqueness because when they are grown and on their own, in their heart I want them to know, “My mom gave me the freedom to be “Me”.



P.S.  I hadn’t intended this to be a “piggy-back” post on Lara’s post a couple weeks ago titled “Me”, but it sort of is, so check it out by clicking here!



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2 responses to “{Freedom To Be “Me”}

  1. shari

    This is funny. It reminded me of a similar incident with one of my girls. Orange/black socks chosen several months AFTER Halloween to be worn with something pink or purple, I am sure! But she was already dressed and “ready to go, Mom!” So what was I to do? I had to swallow my pride, bite the bullet and let her go out in public looking like that. She was so proud that she had dressed herself–all by herself. How could I burst her bubble? I couldn’t. And I continued to praise her all day for her good effort. We have to build them up, up, up before we send them out into the world. The world is always tearing them down, down, down, with all the media influences. So be sure to send your kids out with their cups full each day: full of self confidence, hope, love, trust, and a good solid knowledge that they belong to God and that He’s got their back :)
    Thanks for sharing, Robynn. Lots of love to you

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