Sweet Beginnings

I always have a hard time getting back into the SwInG of things once Christmas and New Years are over.  I get so wrapped up in preparing for the holidays that when they are finally over I find myself without any motivation to start anything else.  To make matters worse I keep hearing about everyone starting their resolutions and I don’t even want to take down my Christmas decorations.  It is like I am in denial that the holidays are really over!

Not wanting to let the winter blues get the best of me, I knew I needed to get moving and do SoMeThInG.  Yesterday after I dropped my son off at nursery school, I decided to do something simple and bake brownies with my daughter.  It wasn’t a goal on my Live-It List and it wasn’t a huge undertaking, but it was SoMeThInG.  Not to mention they were pretty yummy and made one little 2 year old really excited to be “Mommy’s helper”.  

Are you finding it hard to get yourself going these days?  Reluctant to JuMp into your Live-It List?  Don’t feel like you need to move mountains in week one.  The year has just begun!  Do something you enjoy that makes you happy and you might just find yourself ready to tackle your goals!

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