LIVE IT in 2012 & Win a COACH PURSE

The Live-It list challenge if finally here!!  Increase your chance to win the purse by doing the following right now!

1.)Sign up for a Email Subscription (see the upper-left side of the page)–5 entries

2.)”Like” us on Facebook (click the facebook “Like” button on the right side of the page)–2 entries

3.) Comment to the question at the bottom of this post. (answer the weekly Live-It list question each week for a total of 9 entries)–1 entry

*If you are already a subscriber or like us on facebook, you will automatically receive the allotted points.

Week 1 Live-It List question: Give 3 examples of “Live It” List Ideas to help Readers Brainstorm their own list, by commenting below. (feel free to use a screen name)


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16 responses to “LIVE IT in 2012 & Win a COACH PURSE

  1. Ann

    Live- it- list: Go to bed earlier, Sunday morning breakfasts, dance to a song (daily)

    • Lara

      The Sunday morning breakfast is a tradition that we have, and love it! Hope you had a tasty one this morning with your new cookware :)

  2. Jenny

    Live-it-list: Learn how to patch jeans, Decorate a cake/cupcakes with a cake frosting kit (In hopes to enter an entry in the fair come August), Learn how to make pie’s, and only eat in the living room no more than once a week.

    • Lara

      Love these, Jenny! I bet I can hook you up with a good apple pie recipe if you are interested :) Good thing you got a cake frosting kit for Christmas too!!

    • Dian

      When you learn how to patch jeans, let me know. I’m still trying to find a way that works :)

  3. Lara

    A few more of my live-it list items: Introduce myself to people that I recognize but don’t remember their names, do a better job a picking up after myself, and finish a book.

  4. Jane

    laugh more, worry less; organize the junk room; eat one piece of fresh fruit every day

  5. Beth

    Live-it-list: update family tree, cook 1 new meal a week, and refinish/put together mirror and frame that I received from Grandma

  6. Thanks for the comments!! I have actually added more items to my list after seeing some of yours!!

  7. Julie

    Organize photo cds (I have about 15 that need went through), make a conscious effort to be more understanding of others ~ especially those unlike myself, keep an up to date prayer journal :-)

  8. Sharon Thielen

    Read a book to my daughter daily, learn to play the piano again, exercise five days a week. – Sharon

  9. Joyce Brady

    Live – it -list —-eat healthier, enjoy nature, and declutter.

  10. Lara

    Great responses and ideas! You all gave me a few more to add to my list :)

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