{Holiday Homes Tour}

This HoLiDaY Scott and I were asked if we would participate in our town’s Holiday Homes Tour to help raise money for a non-profit animal shelter, called the Castaways.   How could we say “No”?  WaLtEr our chocolate lab is a rescue dog.  So here is a sample of what people saw on the tour:

On the front porch were these chairs with a sign that said "LeT It SnOw". The weather man must have thought it said "Rain" rather than "Snow", and rain it did all day long!! However, it only added to the ambiance - cozy and warm inside with Lara's aromatic potpourri filling the house, Christmas music, lots of Christmas lights, and a crackling fire!!

The Front Door.

The Entry.

A greeting to all who visited!

Walter stole the show by sitting in this very spot all after noon with his reindeer head band. And yes, the K-State footbal game played (on mute) durng the open house! They won and are headed to the Cotton Bowl!! Yay!! - (I had to include that since Scott, Lara, and her husband, Doug are all K-State alums and very proud Wildcats!! :) )

What a sport!

Kitchen #1.

Kitchen #2.

Eating Nook.

Looking out on our back porch.

Staircase. (Sorry to state the obvious!)

Mud Room.

Master Bath.

Upstair Bath.

Girl's Bedroom.

Guest Bedroom.

In case you were hoping to see the Master Bedroom, that’s another post I will share in January (hopefully).  I spent a couple of months doing a room make-over and want to show you my finished product!!  StAy TuNeD!!


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9 responses to “{Holiday Homes Tour}

  1. Robynn…your home is absolutely beautiful and so cozy for Christmas! LoVe your decorating!

  2. Lara

    I have always thought you have such a beautiful and inviting home. But the people who live there are even more special. Your friendship and hospitality are what truly make it a memorable and welcoming experience!

  3. Donna Miller

    Thanks for having us!! I really enjoyed being the one to great at your home and seeing the folks come and go. Donna Miller

  4. Donna Miller

    ……to greet

  5. Robynn, I just love your guys’ house. It is very beautiful and looks very cozy! I would love to be able to showcase my house one of these days, but way after I am able to contribute to my family. Thanks for sharing your house!

  6. I love your home so much ! You have great talent Robynn.So glad you shared your home for a great cause :))

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