Homemade Hot Chocolate & Live-It List Idea

Is one of your Live-It list items to start a new family tradition?  How about putting this YuMmY hot chocolate in thermal mugs for the family to sip on while driving around to see Christmas lights!  I bet it would be something the kids would look forward to every year!

This homemade hot chocolate recipe is always a crowd pleaser.  Makes a great gift and a pErfeCt refreshment with your cinammon rolls on Christmas morning!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix       

16 oz.   Nestle Quick Chocolate Drink Mix

6 oz.    Coffee Creamer

½ C.     Powdered Sugar

4 Tbls.  Cocoa

Mix Ingredients well and store in air tight container.  Use 1/3 Cup of mixture to 1 Cup warm milk.  Top with marshmallows!

Makes 32 Servings

(These were some clear containers I had around the house.  I decorated them with wrapping paper, jute rope and ribbon!  Super easy and immediately FeStiVe!)



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