Smile at a Stranger

Last week my friend Anne lost her husband after a tough BaTtLe with cancer.  They had just celebrated their son’s first birthday and through it all Anne managed to stay upbeat, positive, and grateful for their time together as a family.  The night before her husband passed she wrote, “Hug your loved ones and smile at a stranger.  Today only comes once” on her Facebook page.  I was immediately stuck by such PoWeRfUL words.

A SMiLe…something so simple yet packed with such meaning.  Whether it be the crossing guard you drive by daily, a cashier at the grocery store, or a stranger you meet at the post office; you never know what they might be going through and how much a smile might mean to them.  It is something that won’t cost anything and the payback will warm your HeARt.


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5 responses to “Smile at a Stranger

  1. Thanks for the reminder… it’s the picking up a dropped penny for someone, the Hi nodded at a stranger, and all the little things that make life worth living… we forget that in our hurry too often. :-)

  2. Lara

    What a story. Thanks for sharing this Robyn.

  3. Nancy Tauriello

    Unfortunately, Robyn, sometimes we need to be reminded of the important things. Thanks!

  4. Robyn,
    The Suede Sofa is saddened to hear of Anne’s loss especially during this holiday season. We will pray for God’s comfort and hope for her and her family. She has obviously been a source of inspiration to you and others. Her words of wisdom are one’s that we can all learn from and use to live each day to the full. Thanks for sharing.

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