{Take A Picture. It Lasts Longer.}

I was recently thinking back to an event in my life and wanted to go back and revisit it for a second.  The only problem was I had not taken any pictures, so I was left to reminisce in my sketchy memories.  Boy, did I wish I had taken pictures.  I know it is easy to get so busy with an event or activity that you forget to take pics OR you don’t think it is important at the time to snap those shots.  Then you live to regret it.  It is for that reason that I finally decided that I am not going anywhere without my camera.  The nice thing about cameras is they make them small.  Really small.  Many of them even come with the feature of using them as a camera or a camcorder.  If you don’t like the idea of carrying around another object, regardless the size, consider getting a smart phone that has these options.  Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re making out a list you may want to add this to yours.  Then you won’t ever have to worry about missing one of life’s memorable moments.



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