DIY Ladder Shelf

I made a shelf a couple of years ago and LoVe how it turned out.  Recently, my sister wanted one so I was able to take some pictures this time to share the steps with you!  Thanks Sis, for asking me, so I could document this for a post :)

I bought (2) 1x4x8 pieces of pine and got to wOrk cutting them to the sizes I wanted.

(2) 4 foot 1x4 pieces, and (3) 1 foot 1/4 pieces

 You can make the shelf as tall and wide as you’d like, but I made this one 4-feet long and the “rungs” 1-foot tall (for easy measuring!)

After they were cut, I laid it out to see what it would look like.

Then off to making it look pReTTy!  Used some dark walnut stain I had on hand.  This stain has been used for SO MANY projects!

Time to assemble!

I had “my man” help me nail the shelf together.  We laid the long pieces side-by-side and then marked where the “rungs” would go.  Then I used 2 brad nails to sEcuRe the top and bottom of every piece.  Very easy if you can get someone to help you with this step, and the exposed nails add to the character!

Added some hardware to the back so it would be ready for my sister to hang!

This is a picture of my shelf that I made a couple years ago.  This one is longer than the one I made above for my sister.  Custom make it to fit your needs, just make sure you buy enough 1×4’s!  This is easily something you could do in an afternoon and it’s super eaSy and inexPensiVe!  You could even have the pieces cut to size at your hardware store if you don’t have access to a miter saw!

P.S. Here is a mini-ladder shelf I made with some left over wood from my pRojeCt.  I added some hooks and we use it to hang our keys in the mudroom!



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5 responses to “DIY Ladder Shelf

  1. Jenny Long

    Thanks Lara!! The shelf that you made me looks great in our living room! I even have the same JOY blocks on it too!! Thanks again!!

  2. Nice job Lara!! What a great idea. And better yet, that I don’t even have to saw the pieces myself!!

  3. I LOVE it!!! I just need to find a spot to hand one and then I am off to get the wood!

  4. Hi! How did you hang it on the wall? Did you use brackets?

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