St. Nicholas Day

Belgium St. Nicholas

Four years ago when my son was a baby, I started a TrAdItIoN that families around the world have been doing for ages.  December 6th is the celebration of St. Nicholas Day.  St. Nicholas was known for his GeNeRoSiTy to those in need and his love for children.

Italian St. Nicholas

In many European countries, on December 5th, the eve of St. Nicholas Day children leave their ShOeS outside of the bedroom doors and wait for St. Nicholas to leave them a surprise.  I have my children do the same thing with their favorite shoes and I love to see their excitement when they wake up in the morning to find that St. Nicholas has visited our home.  I feel this is a great way toKiCk OfF the holiday season and teach my children about a Saint who was so giving to little ones like themselves.  You can read more about St. Nicholas at

What family traditions do YoU do to start the holiday season?  We LoVe to hear from our readers so please share your stories!

My son's first St. Nicholas Night 2007


St. Nicholas Night 2010 – Let’s hope my son Nicholas has a better day this December 5th so he doesn’t have to get another letter and underwear in his shoes!


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6 responses to “St. Nicholas Day

  1. Robyn! I LOVE this idea! I think we are going to adopt this same tradition! Thanks for sharing this–so cute!

  2. Teri Lund

    Ours is silly. When Lake was little we told him we would “go in a circle” when opening gifts. Every time it was his turn to open a gift he jumped up and ran around the couch. We finally figured out that he thought we meant to “run in a circle”. Today the boys both run one lap around the couch before they open each gift!

  3. Dian

    I had never heard of St. Nicholas day until I started providing day care for a family with a grandma of Swedish decent. I thought it was a cool idea. Each Dec. 6 I read to the children “Saint Nicholas, The Real Story of the Christmas Legend” Then the children leave their shoes lined up in the kitchen and St. Nicholas leaves them chocoate gold coins while they nap.
    (In the book St. Nicholas leaves gold coins for the daughters’ dowrys.) I don’t know if the children like it, but I sure do.

    • Dian,

      I hadn’t heard of St. Nicholas day until Robyn shared it yesterday. You have turned it into such a fun tradition! I’m sure all your children will remember it for years to come!!


  4. So exciting to hear such fun traditions! Thanks for sharing!

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