{Mean People}

You can call them “the Scrooge”, “the Grinch”, or MeAn PeOpLe”.  We all either know of some or come across them from time to time.  And for whatever reason it seems that their antics are more AnNoYiNg during the holiday season.  Maybe that’s because their negative persona is in stark contrast to the cheer and joy of the Christmas season.

But before I WriTe ThEm oFF this holiday, I’m reminding myself that “Hurt (adjective) people, hurt (verb) people”.  That’s what they do. It’s what comes natural.  In fact, sadly, that is, probably all they know.  Maybe it’s because of AbuSe as a child, maybe it’s because of great pain or loss, or maybe it’s because they have never been given love, which in that case it is obvious why they are “mean” – giving away something you don’t have (in this case, love/kindness) is an impossibilty.

So, God, please help me to remember that you loved me before I loved you and now it’s time for me to ReTuRn the FaVoR.




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3 responses to “{Mean People}

  1. good post robynn. I agree with the “hurt people, hurt people” quote and you tied this in nicely with the holiday. So true. Thanks for the reminder to be more understanding!

  2. Kathy

    I agree with your post! But, it sure is hard to dismiss and overlook the hurt from another person on a daily basis. I think there should be a time when he/she is held accountable for his/her actions. I guess a day will come. Which makes me realize I should be as kind as possible to everyone each and every day.

  3. Kathy,
    You are right! It is sooooo hard to overlook their insults, negative comments, etc. Especially when they are people who we have to deal with on a regular basis (co-workers, customers, family members, etc). Along with asking God for help to love these people, I need to also ask for the wisdom to know where to draw healthy boundary lines and the courage to speak the truth in love!!

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