I AM…Hero of the Week

Last week was a time for family gatherings, good food, and being tHankFul for all the good things in our lives.  Well, I’m thankful in a specific way for my sister-in-law’s husband Shawn.

Shawn is a lineman so he’s use to risking his life on extended storm breaks.  He has to work through some of the most adverse weather conditions so we all can have electricity back on as soon as possible.  This is a very tough job and dangerous job at times so Shawn is a hero in his own right.

Well last weekend Shawn was a HERO for a different reason.  He saved my son’s life.  Do you remember my post last week where I said my son choked on a grape?  Well, he did it again but only this time with a steel marble he (for whatever reason!!!) stuck in his mouth.  Fortunately (we attribute it to Divine intervention), Shawn was downstairs with the kids when it happened.  He noticed Garrett choking and rushed him upstairs.  I tried the Heimlich maneuver again this time and after the first couple times couldn’t get it.  Shawn was already on his knees, reached out and grabbed Garrett, and after several attempts, the steel marble dropped on the floor and tragedy was averted.

Our evening went on after a little decompression time and we had fun with my husband’s family.  The gravity of the situation didn’t really hit us until the 2 hour drive home that night.  We couldn’t stop thinking about it.  What if Shawn wasn’t downstairs, would we have made it to the hospital in time, what if???

We thought instead of highlighting another “Woman of the Week”, it was only fitting to highlight Shawn this week as “Hero of the Week”.  We will fOreVer be grateful for him being in the right spot at the right time and saving our son’s life.  Thank you Shawn!



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2 responses to “I AM…Hero of the Week

  1. Gigi

    Angels are among us.

  2. Thanks Shawn for saving our Sweet Garrett!! You are a HERO!


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