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From Pastor D.J.’s Playbook {Play #34 – Go Deep}

Wish you could help others but feel OvErWheLmEd because the need is so great?  Instead of throwing your hands up and saying, “WhAt’s tHe PoiNt?”  why not help one person and make a DiFfeRenCe in one life?



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It is so EaSy to get caught up in every thing that is going “WrOnG” in our life that we can ToTallY miss ALL the good things that have happened to us.  If you’re in the habit of attending PiTy PaRtiEs for yourself, why not try having a GrAtiTuDe PaRty and CouNt all the BleSsInGs you have in your life.  Maybe you are struggling financially, but do you have your health or people you LoVe?  Maybe your issues are health ones, but do you have trusted FrIenDs or FaiTh In GoD?

One of the ItEmS on my “LiVe It” list is to list 100 GoOd THinGs that have happened in my LiFe.  I hope to keep it handy for those days when things just don’t seem to go my way. 

Is it time for you to make your LiSt?



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Lara Changes a Flat

{This is NOT a video of the flat tire I had on Tuesday….I got another one today}

Sharing these videos–on the spot–in my “comfy” pants–just shows how much I love ya! Hope this can help you if you’re needing to change a flat :)  I’d only be this “raw” for you…thanks for reading!


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JaNiCe, mother of four always loved to bake. She was constantly baking cakes & cookies, as well as other goodies.   In fact, her SuGaR CoOkiEs were so popular that people had standing orders for these delicious treats.   It wasn’t uncommon for Janice and her crew to make 100 dozen cookies on the holidays.   The whole FaMiLy assisted in the project in assembly-line fashion.  Even DaD helped frost the cookies.

While Janice was the one who loved to bake, daughter, LiSa, was the one with an entrepreneurial bent. She worked in the restaurant industry and had a DeSiRe to have her own restaurant where she could call the shots. When a storefront on Main Street with a kitchen came available, she talked her mom and sister GaiL into taking the plunge. The three opened up DoWnToWn SwEetS aNd SaNdWiCh ShOp.  From time to time when sister HeiDi, an O.R. nurse, isn’t working you may see her helping out.  And brother ClaY, well, his role is taste tester!

Downtown Sweets and Sandwich Shop sells homemade goodies such as cakes, cookies and CuPCaKeS, and they also serve lunch. Their hours are: 11:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. Monday – Friday.  You can also check them out on Facebook.



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Can You Relate?

I sat down to clean my indox this week.  After reading some recent emails Robynn and I had written to one another, I wondered if you might be able to eMpaThiZe with some of our topics of conversation:

Robynn: “I’m procrastinating this morning. For the past several months I feel like I get into a (small) funk every Sunday morning. I find myself not wanting to go to church. I always say to Scott, “Can I use my “freebee” voucher today for a “free” Sunday. (I do plan on using that this winter sometime when the weather is cruddy, but you can’t use that on a perfectly good Sunday.) Anyway, I’m subjecting my “don’t want to go” feelings to my priorities and I know that today as always I will walk out of church glad I went. But until then….

I look forward to hearing all about your weekend. Mine was busier than I had hoped for it to be (which is one of the reasons I think Sundays I want to stay home) but I did finish my room and can’t wait for you to see the “make-over” on Wed. (Or maybe sooner.)

Well, better finish getting ready for church.”

Lara: “Thanks R. I appreciate the feedback on my post b/c I always seem to doubt what I am writing and if it is being too repetitive. BUT, like we said, we need to not over think what we are doing. That is what was on my heart yesterday, so that’s what I wrote about!

(Our dog) Grace is still missing. We are really sad and miss her so much but trying to stay positive that someone will find her and call us soon. Pretty stressful day yesterday with a flat tire first thing in the morning, Grace missing, and oh…Garrett choked on a grape at lunch and I had to call 911. It was so scary.

Ready to start a new day today. Glad God is by my side. Thank goodness for my faith to get me through the rougher days…and rejoice with me in the good ones!”

P.S. Someone found Grace!  The tire got fixed!  Garrett survived the choking episode and Robynn was glad she mustered up the energy to go to church!  And life goes on…



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{First Snow Fall!}

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Thank God For All I’ve Missed

As I look forward to CeLeBrAtiNg my 9th wedding anniversary next week I ThAnK GoD for every step and misstep that led me to the life that I live ToDaY.  My husband and I met on a Friday the 13th 10 years ago.  It was a CoMpLeTe ChAnCe MeEtiNg and I truly believe that we were DeStiNeD to be together.  Over the years I’ve thought about how lucky we are and I try my best not to take a second of it for granted.  We have TwO BeAuTifuL ChiLdrEn, a house that we love, wonderful memories, and hope for an ExCitiNg FuTurE. 

While driving the other day I heard the Darius Rucker song titled, This.  The lyrics talk about all of the events that happen in life that lead you to where you are right now.  “Thank God for all I’ve missed ‘cause it led me here to this,” is a lesson that I think so many people can learn from.  Too many times we get stuck in the mentality that when things don’t work out the way we plan we have failed.  Maybe they aren’t failures, but just StEpPiNg StOnEs to the life that we were meant to live.

~Jersey Girl~


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I Love You Anyway

This past week the phrase “I Love You Anyway” became a popular saying in our house.  I did something that I knew disappointed my husband.  Feeling terrible after I saw the let down on his face I asked, “But you love me anyway, right?”  He replied, “Of CouRse.”

Then a few days later, my daughter broke one of my favorite Christmas ornaments.  Initially I gasped, but after seeing how terrible she felt I said, “Leanne…it is oKaY.  Accidents happen.  I LoVe you anyway.”

I am so gRateFul for the people in my life that will love me anyway…no matter if I ruin their favorite shirt…cancel on a play-date because I’m feeling overwhelmed as a Mom…or call them to vent and never ask them how their day is going.

Everyone needs someone in their life that will show unconditional loVe whether it be a friend, family member, spouse or pet (and of course Jesus!  Can I get an “Amen?!”).  Maybe it is time to return the favor and show someone you love them back, even though they hurt you recently or did something that bothered you.  Remember how great it feels to be loved “anyway”, and give it to another in return.

P.S. These roses were a “surprise” from Doug and Leanne after church on Sunday.  Just another reminder that I am LoVed AnYwAy!  Now it’s time for me to pass it on….


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My Dream {Greeley} Extreme Home

I dream about ReNoVaTiNg little cottages and cool old buildings.  This old school house in the cute little town of Greeley, KS is one that captures my ImaGinAtioN everytime I pass by it on the way to Kansas City.  Just thought I would share!

Couldn’t you just imagine one huge great room on the first floor.  I also love how the basement windows are up so high taking away the dungeon-y feel!

This is just one of many building I love.  I’ll share more later!



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One of my personal “TrAdiTioNs” each summer is to go off the HiGh-DiVe at least one time.  This past summer I was in great company during this yearly AdReNaLiNe RiTuaL of mine.  I was the only female in the deep end and (at age 43) brought down the average age of the 12 or so swimmers to AbOuT 10-YeArS oLd.  Get the picture?!  Did I feel out of place?  Just a little!

Taking the HiGh-DiVe pLuNgE is something I do for no better reason than just the ShEeR ThriLL Of It.  At first I feel this scary, but exciting feeling as I look at the water below and step over the edge, then, in a second it is over.  This reminds me a lot of getting the momentum going in almost any project you want to take on.  Many times it takes a whole lot more energy getting to the stepping off point than it actually does for the rest of the task.  Then “GrAviTy” seems to take over.

If you are wanting to complete a task, especially one that you have procrastinated on, TaKe ThE FiRsT StEp.  As you do, you may find that “gravity” kicks in and that the hardest part is over!



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