Handprint Memories

I try to do a handprint/footprint project with my kids for each HoLiDaY or SeAsOn.  I started them shortly after my son turned one and have continued since.  It is FuN to look back and see how their hands and feet have grown and the projects make great decorations and gifts.  You can find tons of great ideas just by doing a simple Google search for holiday handprint projects.  Have fun CrEaTiNg great memories!

I made this wreath last Christmas using my son’s handprints for the wreath and my daughter’s tiny feet for the holly!  I wrote the little poem myself!

I made these little snowmen out of their feet last January!

~Jersey Girl~


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5 responses to “Handprint Memories

  1. You are so creative Robyn! I just love both of those ideas! Super cute! ~Lara

  2. Dian

    Love the ideas. I’m always looking for something for the day care children to make for their parents. Thanks

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