Thank God For All I’ve Missed

As I look forward to CeLeBrAtiNg my 9th wedding anniversary next week I ThAnK GoD for every step and misstep that led me to the life that I live ToDaY.  My husband and I met on a Friday the 13th 10 years ago.  It was a CoMpLeTe ChAnCe MeEtiNg and I truly believe that we were DeStiNeD to be together.  Over the years I’ve thought about how lucky we are and I try my best not to take a second of it for granted.  We have TwO BeAuTifuL ChiLdrEn, a house that we love, wonderful memories, and hope for an ExCitiNg FuTurE. 

While driving the other day I heard the Darius Rucker song titled, This.  The lyrics talk about all of the events that happen in life that lead you to where you are right now.  “Thank God for all I’ve missed ‘cause it led me here to this,” is a lesson that I think so many people can learn from.  Too many times we get stuck in the mentality that when things don’t work out the way we plan we have failed.  Maybe they aren’t failures, but just StEpPiNg StOnEs to the life that we were meant to live.

~Jersey Girl~


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4 responses to “Thank God For All I’ve Missed

  1. Becky

    Oh I so agree with you!!!!! I am 13 years into a marriage that on normal levels shouldn’t have happened!! And yet I am so glad it did!! Heartache brought me to the place I met my husband. We spent our first date together for 72 hours talking and we have been together for 14 1/2 years. We have 3 beautiful children and 13 years in we are still very much in love and thankful for each day we have together. Our past was riddled with heartache and brokeness, but together our future is bright!!!!!!!

  2. Hi,
    I am writing a book called “So…How Did You Meet Anyway?” It is a collection of all types of people’s “how we met” stories.
    I have posted the stories which have been sent in on;
    So…How Did You Meet Anyway?
    I am always shopping for stories and I would like to add yours. Please check out the site, and if you would like to contribute your “how we met” story contact me at;
    And if you would like any more information about the blog or the upcoming book, here is a link to a television interview I did recently.

    Take care and…congratulations!

  3. Thanks Susan! I will check out your links tonight and be in touch!

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