One of my personal “TrAdiTioNs” each summer is to go off the HiGh-DiVe at least one time.  This past summer I was in great company during this yearly AdReNaLiNe RiTuaL of mine.  I was the only female in the deep end and (at age 43) brought down the average age of the 12 or so swimmers to AbOuT 10-YeArS oLd.  Get the picture?!  Did I feel out of place?  Just a little!

Taking the HiGh-DiVe pLuNgE is something I do for no better reason than just the ShEeR ThriLL Of It.  At first I feel this scary, but exciting feeling as I look at the water below and step over the edge, then, in a second it is over.  This reminds me a lot of getting the momentum going in almost any project you want to take on.  Many times it takes a whole lot more energy getting to the stepping off point than it actually does for the rest of the task.  Then “GrAviTy” seems to take over.

If you are wanting to complete a task, especially one that you have procrastinated on, TaKe ThE FiRsT StEp.  As you do, you may find that “gravity” kicks in and that the hardest part is over!



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