{Best Pancakes Ever!!}

Hey, all you ChaNuTiaNs and SoUthEaSt KaNsAs folk, here are two great events occuring in Chanute, KS!

On Saturday, November 12th you can help the following ChAriTabLe CaUsEs:

The TuRkEy TrOt – A 5K run/walk that starts and finishes at the ReHaB & FiTnEsS CeNteR (Just West of The Hospital) at 9 a.m.  Proceeds go to the FaiTh HoUsE, an organization that houses people in need.  Cost is $15.  This includes a t-shirt.  For more info. call 620-432-5379.

The KiWaNiS PaNcAkE FeEd – A pancake feed from 6 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at the Masonic Temple on  Highland and Elm Street.  Proceeds will go to help children in need at Christmas.

These two events are always held on the same day and this has become a FaMilY trAdiTioN.  My husband runs in the Turkey Trot while my girls and I cheer him on and then we head over to eat ThE BeSt PaNcaKes EvEr!!  And I’m not just saying this because my father-in-law is a Kiwanis.  They really are AwEsOmE!  In fact, I really don’t eat pancakes anywhere else (except maybe at home) because they just can’t “StAcK-Up”!  You just have to come and try them yourself!!

I’ll try to get a video for you!



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